The anguish of the families who were left without school in Pilar

Enrique Seguí experiences “a family earthquake”, after learning that the Magno College of Pilar, where his three children go, announced that it will close its doors from 2023. The reason they gave him, like the other parents, is that “he can’t stand the obstacles and pressure from the province’s General Directorate of Schools,” says Seguí.

El Magno is the same school that made the news weeks ago for not wanting to renew the registration of eight students with disabilities because they “lower the bar”.

“This is crazy, it can’t be that this psychopath is believed to have a kiosk or a bakerywhich can close it when you sing to it”, expresses the man.

Seguí is the father of Julia (16), who has attended Magno College since its foundation in 2011, and also of Antonia (13) and Rafael (10). “My eldest daughter, who is very anxious, graduates next year and the other two had several years left in that institution. And this guy (Sebastián Boix Mansilla, one of the owners) decides to close for a half incomprehensible whim. This is a matter of revenge for the commotion that was made last month.”

Enrique Seguí with his children Julio, Antonia and Rafael, in an activity at the Magno College facilities.

On Monday, after 6:00 p.m., the Magno College mail box issued a message that paralyzed the 533 families with children in that institution but also to the 100 workers, including teachers and employees. This is how they found out that the school lowers its blinds starting next year:

“This may be the saddest communication that we have had to send throughout our professional career. Today (Monday) we present to the Undersecretary of Education of the General Directorate of Culture and Education, drop in school enrollment and we announce the closure of it as of the end of the 2022 School Cycle “.

Seguí, who is convinced that “Boix Mansilla wants to show his power and, being pressured by the authorities, decides to close”. Since the news broke that Magno College was not going to renew the enrollment of eight students, the escalation of tension was in crescendo.

The Magno College de Pilar will close its doors permanently after being at the center of the controversy. Photo: Magno College

The Magno College de Pilar will close its doors permanently after being at the center of the controversy. Photo: Magno College

Seguí feels dizzy when he thinks about how to get three vacancies for his children in November “when all the schools are already full.” In addition to the fact that government inaction seems inadmissible. “The educational authorities do not intend to do anything? Will they be passive witnesses of what this guy does? How can it be that the government intervenes companies, factories and sits idly by when it closes a school?” He questions.

It is a cocktail of feelings Seguí, which expresses anger, impotence and indignation. “I can’t stop thinking about the families of the eight boys with different abilities, I can’t understand that this school that I knew from its foundations, which was an example of integration, has an attitude like the one it is having. I can’t believe that on his website the Great has put ‘our mission is human development at its best, ethical, emotional, aesthetic and physical. It’s an embarrassment.”

The publication on the website of the Magno College, which highlights the search for "aesthetic and physical achievement".

The publication on the Magno College website, where the search for “aesthetic and physical achievement” is highlighted.

Of course there was some discomfort in continuing to send the children to the Magno “because beyond its owners, the school is made up of the teachers, the kitchen employees, the cleaners, the van driver who I have known for more than ten years, my children’s classmates, families, my children’s feelings towards the institution. They are identified with that place, with those classrooms, they have their shirts on and suddenly this nonsense”.

Most of the parents of the students of the Magno are disconcerted. “It was a bomb”, graphs Paula Goldfarb, mother of a student. She speaks of illogical, nonsense detailing that “what Until Monday, registration was open for 2023. A known family was there on Friday, was interviewed, both parties agreed and paid. I paid fifteen days ago. What could have changed from one day to the next?” She wonders troubled.

The badge that parents and students began to wear after the school left 8 students out.

The badge that parents and students began to wear after the school left 8 students out.

Goldfarb, who closely followed what happened with the eight boys whose vacancies would not be renewed, thought that this situation could be reversed. “But now with this email, I see it as impossible. I was honestly hoping to receive an email from the Magno apologizing, admitting his mistake, a sensible reflection, at least it was what many families longed for… We have tried in these weeks some type of dialogue, of communication to reach a solution… but never this”.

He tries not to lose his composure Goldfarb, who says that he already told his 9-year-old daughter what happened “and the news makes her very sad.” She refers to Boix Mansilla as “a capricious who has no idea of ​​the damage he is causing not only to the more than 500 families who take their children, but to the more than 100 workers, including teachers and employees, who see their future work in check”. Clariona teacher, prey to nerves, had a traffic accident without consequences.

Goldfarb believes that “the media coverage of what happened with the eight boys who will not have their registration renewed It was the drop that overflowed the glass. Without a doubt, this was a reaction to what happened… Boix Mansilla wants to show that just as his pulse did not tremble to erase those eight boys with a stroke of the pen, now he can do the same and up the ante by closing the school. It is clearly a display of narcissism and power. In a way, he is telling us ‘I don’t need your money'”.

Manu, one of the 8 boys who were informed that his registration would not be renewed.

Manu, one of the 8 boys who were informed that his registration would not be renewed.

Another hurt and uncomfortable mother, who has two daughters in the Magno, does not get out of her astonishment. “Where were my daughters? What is this school that has become something monstrous?“, Luciana wonders without finding answers.

“I cannot believe the reasons why the owner explains why he will close the school. They are capricious, puerile, they have no consistency. On some side of my innocence, I thought there would be regret after what happened last month, but the owner doubled down.

What happened to those eight students who were told to find another school “because they lowered the standards of the institution” was a turning point for Luciana, who from that moment began to look for another school for her daughters. “There is a question of values ​​and principles that one cannot allow. There is a limit and that limit has been exceeded. It really shocks me that they keep going to that place, where they are supposed to educate.”

There is a reluctance to speak up from other parents and also from faculty and staff, who fear retaliation. “Some are already with lawyers.” There are rumors that Boix Mansilla, linked to the real estate world, “would have an offer to sell the facilities of the Magno and took advantage of this move.” Many parents would not be surprised by this, “since he is a person who has always been linked to business and numbers.”


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