The BBC confirms its new team of presenters after cutting 14 presenters as part of the reshuffle.

BBC News and BBC World News will be relaunched later this year with a more digitally-focused all-news service. Part of this rebranding involves cutting a total of 70 jobs, including 14 presenters, leaving just five dedicated presenters, which is expected to save the BBC over £1million. Here is the confirmed new lineup from the BBC news presenters.

Matthew Amroliwala

Matthew Amroliwala has worked for the BBC since 1989 and has been at the forefront of much of its political coverage of the UK.

He has worked on four general elections and since 2015 has presented the international program Global, discussing major events in India and elsewhere in the world.

He was named by the Television and Radio Industry Club as Reporter of the Year in 1993 for his reporting on the Troubles in Northern Ireland and covered the IRA ceasefire in 1997.

Matthew has also worked as a general news reporter, as well as a foreign correspondent.

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Yalda Hakim

Award-winning journalist Yalda Hakim continues to provide hard-hitting journalism for Our World and for BBC News TV and radio reporting.

She led BBC World News’ August 2021 coverage of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the collapse of the Afghan government and the return to power of the Taliban.

Yalda traveled to Ukraine days after the Russian invasion and provided round-the-clock coverage during the first weeks of the war.

Additionally, she has interviewed such personalities as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and Prince Albert of Monaco, to name a few.

Maryam Moshiri

Maryam Moshiri, presenter of World News for nearly four years, joins BBC News’ five chief presenters.

Before that, she worked at BBC News for 16 years, presenting shows like Talking Business, World Business Report and was the main business face on Afternoon Live.

It has been central to some of the world’s biggest stories, including the economic impact of the September 11, 2001 attacks and the war in Ukraine.

Among the people she has interviewed are investors, CEOs and politicians from around the world.

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Christian Fraser

Christian worked as a foreign correspondent for 10 years before returning to London to present BBC News.

From Monday to Thursday, he presents the evening program The Context with Christian Fraser, which airs on both BBC World News and the BBC News Channel.

Christian has presented BBC Breakfast from Salford, BBC News evening newscasts on BBC One, and previously co-hosted Beyond 100 Days with Katty Kay.

He regularly presents the flagship news series Newsnight on BBC Two.

Lucy Hockings

Four years ago the journalist’s current affairs program, Live with Lucy Hockings, which focuses on breaking news, events and interviews, was launched.

She has worked for the BBC since 1999 and has presented major events such as the US presidential elections and her award-winning coverage of the Australian fires.

Lucy was also a presenter of World News in 2003 before launching her own show.

She worked as a reporter in her native New Zealand.

The BBC confirms its new team of presenters after cutting 14 presenters as part of the reshuffle. – In question