‘The Bear’, the acclaimed series that explains why many no longer want to work in hospitality

Even in restaurants where they take better care of the team there is always some psychopath who yells at you all the time for nothing. I was told a few days ago by someone who has been through stager by great houses of the country. And he couldn’t help but remember the words of him watching the second chapter TheBear.

‘Camy’, the protagonist, works as head chef in a large restaurant where everything seems to flow politely and respectfully, oui chef and for favors. Until the psychopath on duty arrives, of course. That the restaurant is Eleven Madison Park follows from the plot. The similarities of the one who shouts with Daniel Humm are already to the taste of the viewer.

But the truth is that the actor (Joel McHale) has an air. A simple anecdote, because Bear It is not a documentary about conditions and exploitation in the hospitality world. Not a dramatization of that Kitchen’s Confidential of Bourdain, although it is logical to remember what counted then.


‘The Bear’, the acclaimed series that explains why many no longer want to work in hospitality

The argument reveals analogies with the New York Eleven Madison Park

Nor is it a series about cooking or chefs, despite the fact that the plot revolves around them and the setting is a restaurant between charming and filthy, and where they serve some great sandwiches of beef with giardinera, an Italian classic from Chicago.

If it were only about that, it might not be the series of the year, as many have already described it. Because Bear it is spoken beyond that gastronomic microgalaxy that we sometimes confuse with reality. Audience and critics seem to agree, the success has meant that a second season has already been confirmed and it is difficult to find any fault with the story, the rhythm, the characters or the interpretations. Even the soundtrack is sensational.

Still from the series The Bear

Actor Jeremy Allen White in the series ‘The Bear’


Created by Christopher Storer and available in Spain through Disney + for a few weeks, it is true that the idea, from the outset, may sound like those desktop fairy tales, with almost as much morality as pretensions.

A young chef who has worked as head chef in the best restaurants in the world (Noma, Eleven Madison Park…) leaves everything behind to return to his brother’s restaurant, who has committed suicide. There is not spoilers because there are no mysteries, no unexpected script twists in the same way that there usually aren’t on a day-to-day basis. And this is what this trip is about.

Some comedic highlights lighten up a very fast pace, at times suffocating

From haute cuisine, to sandwiches. From the best restaurants to one that is falling apart, with more debts and problems than a future. From numerous and apparently well-organized teams to a chaotic gang made up of secondary characters that fill the screen and accompany Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto – how well Jeremy Allen White does it – on this path without epic.

And something in common between those worlds that seem so distant, but in reality are two sides of the same job: the toxic environment, the truncated lives, the countdown to service, the shouting, the anxiety…

Some comedy break lightens a very fast pace, at times suffocating. It is about bringing the stress experienced on the other side of the screen to the living room. And he gets it. The comparison with boilthat recent film of a kitchen service in real time and in a sequence shot, is inevitable.

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Cover of'The Bear'

Cover of ‘The Bear’


“I’m going to fix this,” Camy says at some point in the first few minutes. “No one has asked you,” her sister reminds him. The fight between the old system -a chaos that is not profitable, but gives to open and survive one more day- and the Escoffier-style kitchen brigade that the protagonist intends to establish is one of the open fronts.

Incidentally, it also serves to release haute cuisine a few slaps of reality. Out there it matters little -Richie uses much stronger terms- your tattoos, that you have been in The French Laundry or that you have been chosen best young chef in 2021, he blurts out to Camy.

Because in reality the kitchen and its miseries are simply the common thread of a story that has more to do with work, mental health or class pride than with the stories of Ratatouille or the tales of MasterChef. A more than recommended recipe for those who still do not understand why more and more people do not want to dedicate themselves to this.

By the way, although The Original Beef of Chicagoland does not exist, as the director explained in an interview, it is inspired by a similar restaurant in Chicago: Mr. Beef on Orleans. In case someone is close because, although Bear It is much more than a cooking series, one thing is not debatable: at times it makes you very hungry.

‘The Bear’, the acclaimed series that explains why many no longer want to work in hospitality