The beauty

Defining “beautiful” has always been a subject of extensive debate in the past and continues to be so today.

Until now, it has not yet been “agreed” to “explain” what is beauty? On the one hand, there are the “objectivists” who tend to be frugal and flat on the subject, they say; beauty is everything that is “perfect and pleasant” due to the “symmetry” of its forms. On the other hand, the “subjectivists” are usually more given to “that” that is not necessarily seen, but rather “produces well”… I am more inclined to the latter.

The central point of the debate between the objectivists or realists and the subjectivists or idealists is that beauty is an independent “matter” of the mind and the idealists maintain that it is not! That “that feeling” first occurs in the mind and then is projected in the form.

This matter is really complicated! Let’s see, tell me who came first, the chicken or the egg?… or if she wants it easier, the woman stops the man, but she needs to be “connected” by him… then?

I have had to “love” without “the object” being to my physical liking, that is, I have found a woman beautiful who “really” was not… Starting from this personal experience, I could lean towards the side of the idealists.

On that occasion, the feeling that invaded me was that that person was part of me in some way. I perceived “something” that I did not understand, but “knew” that “somewhere there was” that well-being that I felt. The “objective” part questioned me, but what do you see in this woman? However, those questions disappeared as if by magic when the energies that she emanated penetrated me…

It was an ambivalence because I recognized that she was not a beautiful woman, however, she was at the same time the center of my well-being. I almost ended up crazy for that woman, but thanks to a casual “psychopath” I met, I opened my eyes when she told me; “It’s not love, it’s obsession.”

Over time I learned that “the universe” “God” or whoever it is, uses “beauty” as a hook to make us comply in some gears of destiny.

You can “think” that you love, but if it is a love, based on physical “beauty”, it is very likely that it will end badly or inevitably over time… That will age everything…

If, on the contrary, it was an intellectual beauty that arrived first, that will only end in the same way as the previous one, with the inescapable time… Which ends up killing us all…

Have we finally managed to define the enigma of beauty?

I’m not so sure about it. As a good pirate that I am, and also aware of this earthly dimension and of “that other” spiritual one, I enjoy both beauties.

My eyes reach to undress what the dress hides first! And then I go on to “process” all the gestures that her gaze evokes. From there my soul bares its soul and between the two of us, the physical and the subjective, we agree if “this” will be a matter of a few days or of a lifetime…

Beauty, at the end of this story, is a well-being for the inner spirit that lives in each one of us.

We will be able to see, initially, that physical well-being, but if it does not match what we really are, there will be no way to see it as beautiful. It might not please the physical at first, but if “that soul” is endowed with nobility it may seem the most beautiful to us eventually.

Conclusion, beauty is both physical and intellectual. We could have one or both at the same time. Just remember that one is temporary and quick-term and the other will stay with you until you lose your memory…

That other girl was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I invited her to eat and she accepted. Already at her table I made a comment about how much I loved the music of her Andean people, she replied with a contemptuous gesture “it’s Indian music”… I haven’t seen her since that day. Health! Phoenician minimum

The beauty