The best movies and series of 2022


Inside Man. Steven Moffatt (Netflix). A series that stands out for an excellent script by the British audiovisual writer, complex and convoluted, who sustains with absolute efficiency a work of four episodes whose story is presented as a puzzle Whose pieces don’t fit all the way. Its singularity, more than in the spectacularity, resides in the plot. A filigree narrative, ingenious and indebted to the police genre, where a prisoner without any contact with the outside world solves a very complicated case from the cell where he awaits the moment of his execution. A new twist to Nero Wolfe and Hannibal Lecter.

The White Lotus. Mike White (HBO). A black comedy –also with the miniseries format– that does not pursue the viewer’s laughter and seeks to create a feeling of discomfort in the audience. The North American author exercises here as a cruel moralist on account of the incidents of a small group of imbeciles belonging to the wealthy classes of the United States who take refuge in a resort from Hawaii. Entertaining, meritorious, sarcastic and cruel. Materialism and inability to empathize. The human condition of the rich in oil.

The Magpie Murders. Anthony Horowitz. (AXN). six chapters of a comfortable series where the viewer immediately feels at home thanks to the skilful creation of characters and his escapist will. A very entertaining work where Horowitz adapts himself and narrates the story of editor Susan Ryeland and fictional detective Atticus. pund, whose progenitor –writer Alan Conway– he dies in the turret of his mansion in the British countryside, leaving an unfinished book – with the final chapter missing – to his publisher, who has to decide what to do with the work. A thriller contemporary and, at the same time, a classic mystery tale.


The mom and the whore. Jean Eustache (Filmin). Comprehensive and restored version of one of the best movies in cinema history impossible to find for almost 50 years. Jean-Pierre Léaud, Françoise Lebrun and Bernadette Lafont form a love triangle, recite prodigious monologues and help us better understand the sentimental journey of a country (France) after May 1968. The gaze on the nihilistic apathy of a cynical bourgeois boy and selfish –Alexandre– who lives at the expense of women and who uses others for his own satisfaction.


complete filmography. Kinuyo Tanaka. (Carlotta Films). Comprehensive collection of restored films by this Japanese filmmaker from the golden age of Japanese filmography who, in addition to directing, participated as an actress in works by directors such as Yasujiro Ozu, Mikio Naruse or Kenji Mizoguchi. The first female filmmaker of the postwar period, she shot six films between 1953 and 1962, in which all genres are touched, ranging from intimate melodrama to period fresco and from sentimental comedy to learning tale. the audacity of Love Letter, the moon is out, eternal motherhood, The princess wandering, Ladie’s Night Y Mademoiselle Ogin.


Mike (Disney +). Created by Steven Rogers, screenwriter of I, Tonya. It has the same mockumentary tone taken to the grotesque. Mike Tyson tells the pathetic story of him as a monologue before the public. The rise and fall of a myth, a monster and a wretch: a jerk manipulated and squeezed by everyone.

The Dropout (Disney +). The story of Elisabeth Holmes, founder of Theranos, who sold a device that was going to revolutionize blood tests and it never worked. The portrait of a psychopath capable of selling smoke and fooling everyone over and over again with the weapons of being a woman, young and enterprising. A fable about delusion capitalism.

Irma Vep (HBO). Cinema within cinema, fiction and reality, and a triple somersault on a silent film fetish and the own work of the director of the series, Olivier Assayaswho returns to the character of Irma Vep and to his own ghosts as a creator.

Drive my car. Ryusuke Hamaguchi. fact and fiction (a Uncle Vanya that the protagonist, a theater director, is putting together) intertwine in this film about overcoming the past, a free adaptation of a short story by the writer Murakami.

the dark daughter. Maggie Gyllenhaal. Portrait of a woman tormented by guilt, masterfully presented by actress Gyllenhaal, who is making her directorial debut, creating an unbreathable claustrophobic climate.

Bergman’s Island. Mia Hansen-Love. A couple of filmmakers –Tim Roth and Vicky Krieps– settle in Farö, the island where Ingmar Bergman lived, on scholarships to write, they tour the master’s scenes and discuss creation and love. A reflection on authorship and the imprint of personality in the cinema.

The Wonder. Sebastian Lelio. A film about the fictions we tell ourselves to understand life and about the presence or not of the sacred in the world.

The alley of lost souls. Guillermo del Toro. A new foray by the Mexican filmmaker into his favorite theme: monsters, which here are very dark, horrifyingly human.

The lost illusions. Xavier Giannoli. Lavish adaptation of a Balzac novel, which portrays in a very crude way the press of that time, not so different from today’s.

The best movies and series of 2022