The best series of 2022

This was another excellent year for the world of television. The major streaming services impressed us with high-quality work. Let’s find out which were the best series of 2022.

One surprise that we got when making this list is that none of the Marvel Cinematic Universe series on Disney+ was included. We really enjoyed them—especially the fun She-Hulk and the first episodes of ms marvel— but none had the strength to wandavision either Loki.

Now yes, without a specific order, these were the series that impressed us the most in the last 12 months.

Andorseason 1

Initially we believed that this series of Star Wars was going to be overshadowed by Boba Fett’s book Y Obi Wan Kenobi. After all, how interesting can a simple rogue agent be compared to the popular bounty hunter and one of the most beloved Jedi of all time?

But it was the other way around and the other two series were disappointing. Andor it earned its position as the best series in the franchise with a hard look at what it means to rebel against oppression, filled with political drama and metaphors about our own world.

stranger thingsseason 4

The best series of the year 2022: Stranger Things season 4

Another surprise. After the mediocre season 3 and a long waiting period, we didn’t think that stranger things could recapture the magic of its first season, but part 4 was an epic adventure. Despite being divided into four different narratives, it managed to hold our attention from beginning to end, presenting unforgettable moments and new characters that won our hearts.

The only real problem we have with this season is that It would have been a perfect ending to the series.but they decided to continue with a fifth part.

severance (Separation), season 1

The best series of the year 2022: severance

This is reason enough to have an Apple TV+ subscription. severance is a piece of science fiction art in which it is possible to “separate” the work personality from the “main identity”, creating people who only exist to do their mysterious office work.

With its scathing satire of corporate culture and capitalism, severance offers a story full of mystery and tension that asks us difficult questions about identity and ethics. Not in vain did it win our Poporo de Oro award for the best series of 2022.

peacemakerseason 1

The best series of the year 2022: Peacemaker

We have always said that John Cena, even though he looks like an action star, is much better when he is dedicated to comedy. But James Gunn said: why not both?

peacemaker take the character from the funny the suicide squad and delves into what made him the psychopath who “would kill women and children in the name of peace.” The result is an emotional and fun adventure that does not neglect violence or action.

the owl houseseason 2

The fate of one of the best animated series in recent years was uncertain. The second season was abruptly cut short in 2021, but this year we got to see its second half and it was just as exciting as we’d hoped.

Luz’s adventure and her mission to become a witch on the Boiling Isles suddenly became an epic story of fighting oppression—a common theme across several series this year—and its conclusion left us craving for more. It is a worthy successor to other beloved cartoons such as Adventure Time, Steven Universe Y star vs the forces of evil.

House of the Dragon (the house of the dragon), season 1

The best series of the year 2022: house of the dragon

We don’t need to remember how disastrous the last few seasons of Game of Thrones. The bad taste in our mouths that its ending left us made us have fair doubts about this prequel focused on the history of House Tagaryen, but we quickly lost our fears.

This HBO series was one of the cultural phenomena of the year and without a doubt one of the best series of 2022. We were pushing for Rhaenyra during every episode even though we knew that war was inevitable. Paddy Considine’s performance as King Viserys is worthy of every Emmy Award.

The Boysseason 3

The best series of the year 2022: The Boys season 3

This series is a recurring visitor to our best of the year lists. Although season 3 of The Boys It didn’t live up to the second one, it’s still excellent. This part of the story struck us with great moments and great character developments that made his critique of American society even less subtle.

You can read our impressions of this season following this link.

harley quinnseason 3

The moment we’ve all been waiting for since this series began is finally here. Ivy and Harley are finally a couple, and this season focuses both on their romance and the difficulties that arise when they discover they have different visions of their future together.

In these chapters we enjoy a lot of laughter, violence and a nice tribute to the well-remembered Batman animated series from the 90s. But his greatest achievement was turning the Joker into one of our favorite characters.

Our Flag Means Death (Our flag is death), season 1

The funniest comedy of the year stars a group of pirates led by a funny but incompetent aristocrat who is following his life’s dream. In addition to good jokes about a “fish out of water”, it is an emotional love story with a very good level of LGBTI representation.

Also, Taika Waititi plays Blackbeard. We can’t wait for the second season… if Warner-Discovery doesn’t decide to cancel it.

The Sandmanseason 1

Neil Gaiman’s comics about Morpheus the Dream Master used to be considered “impossible to adapt to the screen.” They were wrong. The Netflix series does a fantastic job turning the surreal stories and characters of this work into beings of flesh and blood that really seem to be above humanity.

The first season has some pacing issues, but we have high expectations for the already announced second season.

interview with the vampireseason 1

To complete the list of series about which we had doubts and that completely impressed us, we have this adaptation of the work of Anne Rice. This series was going to find it very difficult to live up to the work starring Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Kirsten Dunst. But not only is it, but it exceeds it in many aspects.

Introducing Louis and Claudia as black was a controversial decision for the fan community, but watching the series made all the sense in the world. This allows the series to explore in an even more interesting and profound way the toxic relationship of the protagonists and the horrors of vampirism.

yellowjacketsseason 1

Although this series premiered at the end of 2021, we were able to see its last chapters at the beginning of 2022 and they have not been surpassed as some of the most intense we have seen this year. This story about a women’s soccer team lost in the woods, with strange events that may be supernatural, filled the space left by lost many years ago.

The mysteries of the series and the jumps in time of its narrative are captivating, but its greatest strength is the performances. Juliette Lewis and Melanie Lynskey are fantastic, but it’s Christina Ricci playing a sociopath who really steals the show.

This was our list of the best series of 2022. We want to make special mentions of The Rings of Powerwhich brought back the magic of The Lord of the rings to our screens; Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiositieswhich had some really great episodes; She-Hulk, which was just what the Marvel Cinematic Universe needed; and the great final season of Better Call Saul.

The best series of 2022