The Boys: Black Noir’s Big Change In The Season 3 Finale With The Comic

The third season of TheBoys has come to an end with an epic and intense chapter full of revelations and battles. However, the series seems to have made a big change with Black Noir compared to the comics. TheBoys.

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*Spoiler alert for The Boys season 3 finale. Read at your own risk.*

Black Noir’s big change from the series to the comics

As we told you a few weeks ago, in the comic on which The Boys series is based, it was Black Noir who was in charge of assassinating Homelander when he lost control after assassinating the US president. At the last moment, it was revealed that Black Noir was actually a clone of Homelander that Vought created with the mission of ending Homelander when the time came, but when that never came, he ended up being a complete psychopath who murdered and raped people and then blame Homelander. Thus, in the comics, it is finally Black Noir who ends up with Homelander after a great confrontation, with Butcher being the one who later ends up with Noir.

In past seasons, nothing suggested that this was not the case. Noir was a character controlled by Vought who was constantly in the shadows and never really had any plot or development. However, this season it has, especially with the reintroduction of Soldier Boy. In past chapters we discovered how Noir was indeed not a clone of Homelander by seeing him without a mask in the 80s flashback. However, despite being a different character, there was still the possibility that the character would finish off Homelander in the future…until the season finale.

Black Noir Origin

In this season finale of TheBoys, we see how Black Noir prepares for the battle against Soldier Boy. The character seems mentally prepared to overcome his trauma with Soldier Boy. However, everything is ruined when Homelander decides to kill him after Noir himself did not tell him the truth about Soldier Boy being Homelander’s biological father. At this point in the series, this season has practically presented very relevant changes compared to the comic.

How will Homelander die in the series then?

With Black Noir out of the game, we’ll have to see what the show’s writers have in store for the culprit behind Homelander’s killer. And it is that thinking of a character who has the same abilities, only one comes to mind, Ryan. Little Ryan seems to be the only super capable of taking down the caped psychopath. However, as the season finale has left him, Ryan still doesn’t seem very intent on taking down his father.

Ryan The Boys season 3

The other options to kill Homelander would be Soldier Boy or Butcher. On the one hand, Soldier Boy has already shown the incredible power and endurance that he has to take down his biological son without much effort. The only problem is that he would have to be cryogenized again after he finished off Homelander so he doesn’t kill the Boys. Meanwhile, Butcher with the Compound V24 was a great opponent that Homelander had trouble dealing with. Therefore, with the help of other supes like Starlight, Butcher could kill Homelander before he died from all the internal and brain damage caused by the drug.

Either way, now that Black Noir is confirmed to be dead and the character won’t be returning in the next season, we’ll have to see how the story progresses and how they manage to bring Homelander to an end when the time comes.

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The Boys season 3 is now available on Amazon Prime Video. Also, season 4 is expected to arrive next 2023.

The Boys: Black Noir’s Big Change In The Season 3 Finale With The Comic