The Castellón serial killer spends Christmas in prison, with no new permits in sight

The serial killer Castellon Joaquin Ferrandiz Ventura (JFV) will pass the Christmas on the prison of Herrera la Mancha (Ciudad Real), with no new prison permits in sight. After having recently enjoyed two outings, as already advanced Mediterranean, the author of five crimes between 1995 and 1998, raised some social alarm. Not only was there significant rejection of his presence in the La Mancha town of Valdepeñas, where he remained for several days under the supervision of a social entity; but also in Castellón, a province where his crimes are still very present.

It should be remembered, as this newspaper has already reported, that the residents of the Manchegan town organized a collection of signatures, through a well-known internet platform, to show their opposition to the serial killer spending his days off in the town, of 30,000 inhabitants.

As this newspaper has learned from well-informed sources, The social alarm generated by his departure has not affected Ferrándiz, who maintains the same behavior in prison where, for years, he has worked as an orderly and is a model prisoner.

your outings

The first of the permits that the serial killer recently enjoyed lasted four days, while on subsequent occasions the days are already extended to six. During those days, JFV remained in a supervised apartment where the inmates have rules to comply with. Among the most common are that of a time limit for arrival at home and the prohibition of consuming alcohol or substances narcotics.

The Prolibertas Foundation, an entity that works for reinsertion and that welcomed JFV in its Valdepeñas delegation during his release from prison, sent a statement after it came to light. “We want to clarify that this person is in the Herrera La Mancha Penitentiary Center and it is not expected that he will have any permission again in our project,” said the organization, which also wanted to convey its “respect for pain and even outrage of people close to the victims. The group began that it had been a “very punctual” stay.

neighborhood fear

However, despite the words of the foundation, concern is a fact among the residents of Valdepeñas. “The assassins in serial and rapists are not reinserted. Jail is their place”, “we are not sure of leaving our children alone on the street”, “a psychopath never changes, he only deceives. He fears that he will kill again» or «we are not sure if we can leave our children alone on the street» were just some of the hundreds of comments made by the neighbors, both in the social mediasuch as on

It will be free in 2023

JFV, who is about to turn 60, will liquidate his sentence next July and will be free after 25 years behind bars -although he will not be able to approach the municipalities of the province where he committed his crimes for eight years-.

The prisoner only received, for many years, a visit in prison from his mother, who decided to move away from Castellón and go live in Castilla La Mancha to be closer to her son, despite some crimes that she did not quite believe he was committing. .

The Castellón serial killer spends Christmas in prison, with no new permits in sight