The companion of perfumer Jean

Could this be the epilogue of an endless war, opposing for more than ten years Stéphane Guerlain, the only son of the great perfumer, to his mother-in-law, the companion of the now nonagenarian? “L’Obs” had, in February 2022, recounted this family debacle at length having made at least one victim: Jean-Paul Guerlain. Justice has just given reason to the son, who relentlessly proclaimed that Christina Kragh Michelsen neglected, even mistreated her bedridden father: the sexagenarian has just been sentenced to Versailles, on appeal, Thursday, January 12.

At the Guerlain, a family camera with the scent of scandal

The elegant Dane has been declared “guilty of intentional violence against a vulnerable person”, in this case her spouse for eighteen years, Jean-Paul Guerlain. also guilty of “moral harassment” to a domestic worker. This former nutritionist and rider emeritus was sentenced to 4 months suspended prison sentence, 3,000 euros in damages for the benefit of Mr. Guerlain, and 2,000 euros for the benefit of the domestic employee.

The sequel after the ad

Mme Kragh Michelsen had however been acquitted at first instance, in September 2021. His lawyer, Me Frédéric Belot, announced to “l’Obs” “appeal in cassation”.

A case far from over

Christina Kragh Michelsen had, for her part, filed a complaint in December 2021 against this cumbersome son-in-law for serious facts: he allegedly tried to crush her with his car, forcing her to jump into a bush. “I was the subject of an attempted murder! she confided in January 2022 to “l’Obs”, her voice trembling. It’s very dangerous for me right now. I am at the gendarmerie once a week to drop off handrails, he even locked me in the kitchen lately, very strange things are happening. » The Dane, passionate about riding like her husband, presented herself as the victim of a son who was jealous of this sincere relationship, a “psychopath” who no longer provided his father, placed under guardianship, with the means necessary for his comfort, even for his subsistence.

Stories of control: what are the mechanisms of domination?

On June 24, the Versailles Criminal Court acquitted Stéphane Guerlain in this case, and on other charges of “repeated death threat”, “moral harassment”, “non-public insult”. Facts were however attested – Stéphane Guerlain treated his mother-in-law well “whore” or said he was going “putting your head in a haystack”, as evidenced by an audio recording provided to the court and which “the Obs” had been able to listen to. But some were prescribed. And apart from the testimony of a friend of the companion of Jean-Paul Guerlain, nothing came to prove the violence with a weapon, in this case the car. Mr.’s lawyerme Kragh Michelsen, following this release, also immediately appealed. The new hearing is not yet fixed.

The son, exasperated, described a completely different picture: his father, with whom he persisted against all odds to have lunch every week, lived under the rule of Christina, who led her life without worrying about the well-being of the child. old gentleman, even by seriously neglecting him, preventing the house staff from providing him with care. “I would leave my father in a state of destitution? It’s wrong, he told “l’Obs” in January 2022. Three people, soon to be four, take turns morning and evening to take care of him. They are trying to destroy me, but I won’t let go, out of filial duty: I promised my father to keep him in his house. »

This court decision therefore comes at this stage to confirm the version of the latter.

The companion of perfumer Jean-Claude Guerlain sentenced on appeal for “willful violence” against her