The crude publication of the ex

Through a crude social media post, an ex-girlfriend of Agustin Chiminelli, arrested for the brutal femicide of María Alejandra Abbondanzawho was found dismembered and burned in Campanadescribed how she was mistreated by him during their relationship. In the post published today, the young woman described the main suspect as “a psychopath and manipulator disguised as a good boy” and mentioned that “Several times I imagined myself dead in your hands.” Also, He assured that Chiminelli’s parents – also arrested for the crime – are accomplices because they “saw everything” what he did.

Yesterday, Abbondanza was found dead at Chiminelli’s houselocated in Moreno and Alberdi, in Campana, after being reported missing and being last seen by her 15-year-old daughter around 5:30 p.m. on Friday. The teenager went to her boyfriend’s house after going to school and returned around 10:30 p.m., but her mother had not returned.

Today, and after a key video was released in which Alejandra is seen entering Chiminelli’s house, an ex-girlfriend of the young man published a text in the stories of Instagram where he described how he mistreated her and how afraid he was to maintain that relationship. “You were always a psychopath and manipulator disguised as a good boy. You made my life miserable while we were linked and there are many witnesses,” she wrote. He in turn she remembered: “Even when you broke a tile on your head so I wouldn’t go with my friends”.

The posting of Agustín’s ex-girlfriendinstagram capture

He indicated that Chiminelli’s parents are complicit in the abusive behavior of the young detainee. “Your parents also saw everything you did and made me go through and they managed you for being their only sonlocking me in his house because if I wanted to leave the boy would get violent and if he had already broken things, others would start to fly through the air and they always, always defended you and you were the good one, “he narrated.

The three of them are crap and I hope they shit rotting”, He commented on what happened. On the other hand, he lamented that she could have been the one killed: “It hurts me because a few years ago it could have been me. Several times I imagined myself dead in your hands, I always knew what you and your old people could do”.

Finally, he asked that other people also suffered this mistreatment: “I am sure that if many speak, they went through the same ordeal. I had a separate God to be able to get away but not Maria. I hope you pay everything.”

After learning of Abbondanza’s femicide, her ex-partner and father of a daughter they had in common spoke with the media to express her grief. “We searched for her all night, house to house”Francisco assured, in dialogue with C5N.

“At five in the morning (yesterday) I went walking to the square because I thought I saw a fuchsia shirt, and this boy (by the detainee Agustín Chiminelli) was standing at the door of his house, but I did not suspect at any time of this kid”, the man recalled this morning in dialogue with C5N.

Thus, the ex-partner of the woman dismembered and burned in the house of a neighbor in the Buenos Aires city of Campana said today that the victim was “wonderful”, that she does not have “words of comfort” for her teenage daughter who lived with the woman. “An entire family was destroyed,” she said.

For my baby I have no words of comfort to say. I know it is very strong. He has very good friends, very good uncles, the school support is excellent, and also from the community. It is a new life for her and for me,” he added.

Francisco described his ex-partner as “an excellent person”, who worked as a “therapeutic companion”, whom he considered “wonderful” and “very collaborative”.

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The crude publication of the ex-girlfriend of Alejandra Abbondanza’s femicide: “Several times I imagined myself dead in your hands”