The cruel anecdote of Tom Cruise that caused outrage in networks: “It’s not funny”

Tom Cruise is everywhere: on Sunday he turned 60, he took over theaters with Top Gun: Maverick, he shone at the Cannes Film Festival, he premiered a teaser for Mission Impossible 7. Just as he appears on all billboards, he also appears on social networks thanks to users who constantly retrieve their stories.

One of those anecdotes is the one that brought you here. It is a story told in the first person as delirious as it is cruel that gave rise to one of the actor’s most uncomfortable moments on television.

It was 1999, Tom was on the Late Show with David Letterman. In one part of the note, which was the one that went viral on Twitter, the artist narrates the moment in which he makes a risky decision while piloting a plane.

Tom Cruise and David Letterman on the Late Show.

“Has something like that happened to you, being dizzy from altitude?” Letterman asks, to which Cruise, quite seriously, replies: “No, but I fly, I’m a pilot.”

Then the story begins.

“One time I was flying through Colorado and to continue we had to continue on oxygen. The wings were better higher up, so we went up… And I realized we couldn’t be up that high, so we had to go down because we didn’t have enough oxygen.”

So far, all fairly well.

“There was a passenger in the back, so we decided… you know…” Cruise continues, starting to get tempted.

“If we cut off that guy’s oxygen we could do it at that altitude. So, you know, it wasn’t dangerous, or something like that, ”he continues, to the incredulous look of the interviewer.

“And what happened when they cut it off?” Letterman wants to know.

“He was… He was very quiet. He fell asleep. He slept the whole way. You know, he’s the type that sleeps all the way, ”says Tom, unable to contain his laughter.

Tom, tempted by his own story.

Tom, tempted by his own story.

“But honestly, looking at it another way… Isn’t this an attempted manslaughter? Turn off his oxygen… You’re lucky you’re not in prison, for God’s sake, ”reflects the presenter.

Luckily, the story has a happy ending: “He woke up. We were landing and he was like ‘My hands… My hands are tingling, it must be the way he was lying down’.

The reactions

The viral video on Twitter achieved almost 30,000 “likes” and was filled with comments of all kinds, most of them negative.

“What a disgusting guy”, “At first it’s not funny, then neither”, “Very bad”, “He’s an idiot” and “He laughed” were some of the tweets from users who did not find anything funny in the anecdote.

Others, however, saw the funny side of it considering that Tom’s companion was not harmed.

There were also a few who imagined the actor playing a psychopath, such as the protagonist of American Psycho or Joker.

the impossible shot

For a scene from Maverick, the actor doubled down on his role as the “star without stunt doubles”: traveled in a plane at 800 kilometers per hour and recorded the shot himself. In dialogue with The Hollywood Reporter, John Kosinskithe director of the sequel, gave details of that adrenaline day of filming.

Kosinski described the shot of Cruise and the plane as the most “dangerous and daring.” The shot appears in the middle of the movie and Maverick can be seen making a demonstration in the air.

“For that sequence, Tom did the actual Top Gun low-level training course less than 50 feet above the ground at 500 miles per hour (800 km). He was flown by the best pilot in the Navy, a Blue Angel pilot named ‘Walleye’. He had special permission from the Nay to even try it, ”explained the filmmaker.

One of the many shots played in Top Gun: Maverick. Photo: AP

One of the many shots played in Top Gun: Maverick. Photo: AP

After the actor recorded the take, the plane landed and the pilot approached Kosinski and asked if he got what he wanted. “Uh yeah. It’s quite surprising,” the director replied, to which the other limited: “Good, because I’ll never do that again.”

“Another thing I laugh about in that sequence is when I watch it, because there are parts where I know Tom is smiling because he’s having so much fun, but it’s supposed to be a very serious scene,” Kosinski concluded.

Inside the plane in which they recorded the shot there were six cameras that Cruise himself turned on and off because there was no one from the film crew with him and they had no communication.

Kosinski set a switch that gave Tom the ability to do it, so the actor just had to push a few buttons when he was ready or the light was right. An all terrain.

Cruise at the San Diego, Los Angeles premiere of Top Gun: Maverick. Photo: REUTERS

Cruise at the San Diego, Los Angeles premiere of Top Gun: Maverick. Photo: REUTERS

The cruel anecdote of Tom Cruise that caused outrage in networks: “It’s not funny”