The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me

geekzillos, what better date to talk about horror than this? For this reason, we want to share with you everything that Super Massive Games has shared about the creation and development of the ambitious horror series The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Methe first of its kind.

The Devil In Me: Supermassive reviews the first season of The Dark Pictures Anthology

The psycho saw it all. The team details that a group of everyone was sitting in plush theater chairs in the Supermassive offices as CEO Pete Samuels laid out his plans for a new concept: Dark Pictures Anthology. A series of branching cinematic games that would explore different horror subgenres. Games would last four to five hours, short enough to play in one sitting. Each game would include two multiplayer modes, a connected online mode where you can play the entire game with a friend, and a couch co-op where a group of friends get together and play a horror movie.

A simple and convincing idea, but very ambitious. Do you think that creating a new franchise from scratch is an easy thing? Of course not! Two-player co-op was also intimidating, no one had done it before.

The game director says he feels quite lucky to be the one who directed the spooky ghost ship story in Man of Medan in the past. He now couldn’t be happier to become the director of the serial killer The Devil In Me.


Among those games has been the psychological and historical horror Little Hope, set in the New England town of the same name. There has also been the action horror of House of Ashes, battling hordes of terrifying vampire monsters buried deep in the desert.

There is another psycho in The Devil in Me. It is the story of a crew making a documentary about American serial killer HH Holmes, who gets trapped in a ‘murder hotel’ by a serial killer inspired by… HH Holmes.

Fans know the games better than the developers

Finding an audience for these games is one of the most exciting things for the development team. They found the players and the players found them, a perfect symbiosis. Cinematic horror with an emphasis on relationships and history is an acquired taste, and those who like it love it.

It’s lovely to see the growing community obsessed with the fan art, the tier lists, the theoretical combinations of romantic characters (Jalim, Conbrad, Johngela!), the clues that have literally been scattered throughout the games, the crazy fans (some of which are scarily accurate). Sometimes it seems as if the community knows the characters and games better than the same team that developed them. wow!


Gameplay improvements

For The Devil In Me, they have added a number of important gameplay improvements.

There is a set of new exploration actions (climb, jump, crouch, crawl and swing) that will allow the player to be more active as they explore the terrifying environments. Players will also be able to run around to explore at their own pace. And when danger is present, they can hide, if they can find a safe place.

There’s also a simple inventory, with tools the characters can use to help them survive the horrors of the murderous hotel. Players will be able to use items that the film crew is carrying, and will also be able to find other items in the environment. And sometimes those tools can be upgraded, broken or lost.

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And there will be puzzles to confuse the player. Fuse boxes to rewire, hidden codes to be found, objects to move and create new paths through the world.

All of this is packed into a new seven-hour runtime. The developers are looking to take the time to tell the story they need to tell about the characters.

Geekzillos, enjoy your stay at the killer hotel! The rooms are to die for! If you are a lover of terror, you cannot miss this opportunity to die of fear.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me – learn about the development of this terrifying video game series