The Devil in Me

The Dark Pictures Anthology returns with a final volume for its first season: The Devil in Me.

And four! After a slightly disappointing Man of Medan, the fault of a scenario that is a little too slow to leave the player in suspense, a very nice Little Hope with a more effective story coupled with a more solid realization and a gripping and above all challenging House of Ashes , Supermassive Games offers us The Devil in Me, to end its first season of The Dark Pictures Anthology in “beauty”. As a reminder, this is a series of horror games centered around the character of the curator, which will present to us, and tell in a way, a “terrible and thrilling” story in which you are the hero(es). Indeed, the game scenario has multiple paths that will be taken depending on our decisions or actions. Each story is independent, so that means you can easily play The Devil in Me without having touched another title in the series.

Need to revamp the decor

To talk about the scenario, I will try to remain vague so as not to reveal too much, because otherwise the game loses much of its interest. The story of The Devil in Me centers on HH Holmes, America’s first serial killer, and puts us in the shoes of a low-budget documentary film crew. They receive an invitation to an island where a wealthy entrepreneur has recreated a hotel inspired by HH Holmes’ Castle Murders. The group arrives at the hotel, but soon we realize that the host has crashed out with the last ferry, and that someone is stalking them by making them “play a game”. There is a little Saw side in the scenario and the general atmosphere, with this masked psychopath who tracks down his victims in a closed and isolated place.

Light issues?

The subtlety of The Dark Pictures Anthology series is mainly to offer us to live the experience with others. Basically, you can play in 3 different ways. Solo, where you take turns controlling the 5 characters. In online cooperation, with asynchronous gameplay where the choices of one will change the course of the story of the other. And in “TV evening” mode where you can play with up to 5 controllers locally, each with their own character. A nice mode but which lacks rhythm because you can find yourself for a very long time without “playing” with your character, which can be painful. For the rest, The Devil in Me is a narrative horror game, with a touch of exploration, of the most classic. In large part, the adventure focuses on dialogue choices and QTEs not to be missed. The goal of the game is to save everyone: of course, this will not necessarily be the case, and the endings are therefore numerous. If you have the courage to redo the game several times, it is nice to discover different destinies.

Get off me, I want to get off this shitty island!

Unfortunately, The Devil in Me takes a very long time to take off. The first third of the game is very slow, almost nothing happens, and in the end, we wait for it to happen while sticking with blah-blah and especially exploration phases. The problem is that these phases are not the most interesting of the game, and this for two reasons. The first is that the gameplay remains quite stiff even if we must admit that we can finally run faster than before. The second, at least when testing the game in online co-op, is that it’s frustrating. We have the possibility to search large rooms, to look for keys or codes of safes, but if we take the wrong door (by pure chance) or if our friend validates his zone too quickly, hop, it’s cut dry and we chain the dialogues. Firstly, in terms of transition, we did better, and secondly, there is nothing worse than offering exploration in a game only to end up saying to yourself “hey, no, you won’t be able to continue digging because you’ve opened the door that launches the script”.

Don’t break my glasses!

Going back to the average transitions, it is true that The Devil in Me suffers from a lot of strange sequence cutting. We generally feel that this opus is less well polished than House of Ashes when it was released, for example. Besides, I wouldn’t be surprised if the release of The Quarry, at 2K, this year, caused problems to keep up with the imposed rhythm of a The Dark Pictures Anthology for the end of the year period. Quite often, we end up with sequences of bizarre scenes, to believe that there are holes in the racket in the scenario. Fortunately, the scenario becomes more interesting and the rhythm more breathless after a few hours of play… Probably a little late for some, but there are good moments of stress and tension. The game is gore and the villain has a real grain: that’s what we expect from this kind of game!

We are gonna die !!!

Overall, the soundtrack is of good quality. The French dubbing is of high quality, the music does the job, following the action or the emotion well, and finally the sound effects, as a whole, are good. However, there are quite a few bugs lying around. Already, it is not uncommon to have a line in English that slips into a conversation. There are also times when the scene is suddenly cut off when the character hasn’t finished speaking. More annoying, there are often graphic bugs, especially when playing online: a character who remains blocked while the other player moves well on his screen, textures which disappear, characters which become invisible… is really a shame because these problems have regularly taken me out of the story!

After you, you never know

A bit like Man of Medan when it was released, The Devil in Me makes you want but disappoints. As much, the story takes a little time to take off but once the machine is launched, we are caught up in the scenario. But, the finish is really strawberry, there are a lot of technical issues and it doesn’t help to stay delirious. A small disappointment, as the quality of the games in The Dark Pictures Anthology series rose crescendo. But unlike Man of Medan, fear and stress are at the rendezvous! I still hope that the next season will show the muscles because we know what Supermassive Games is technically capable of since the release of The Quarry!

The Devil in Me – Evil is everywhere, in each of us and especially in bugs!