The documentary about the brutal murder of a young acting promise has already premiered on HBO Max

The crime of the young actress Daniella Pérez shocked Brazilian society. (HBOMax)

Everything seemed to be going smoothly in the budding career of Daniella Perez. She had finally achieved a central role in a soap opera that was scripted by her own mother, the great Gloria Perez (author of the story of The clone). fiction was called of body and soul, and the young woman played Yasmin. Her role was going through a romantic and love story with another young actor who was taking her first steps, Guilherme of Padua. Daniella never imagined that it would be this man along with his wife who would take her life.

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On the night of December 28, 1992, she was found dead of 18 stab wounds and the news became something that shocked Brazilian society forever. Her body was found in a vacant lot in the Barra de Tijuca area of ​​Rio de Janeiro, where they supposedly left her after she was murdered. This brutal crime had such an impact that even the then president of Brazil, Fernando Collor de Mellosaid a few words of condolences on television.

Daniella Pérez was considered one of the great promises in Brazilian soap operas. (HBOMax)

Now comes this story hbo max which will be narrated in a documentary way throughout five episodes (the first two are already available and the rest will arrive on the streaming platform next Thursday, July 28). With the name of Brutal pact: the murder of Daniella Pérez, this tremendous story has the testimonies of the young woman’s family, journalists and people linked to the investigation and trial. Directed by Tatiana Isa Y Guto Barrawho also wrote the script, the production of MaxOriginal reconstructs all the details and the trial of the case that shocked Brazil in the 1990s.

The crime of Daniella, who was just 22 years old at the time of her murder, was clearly premeditated by both Guilherme of Padua as for his wife, Paula Thomas.

The screenwriter and producer Gloria Pérez, Daniella's mother, is part of the documentary. (HBOMax)
The screenwriter and producer Gloria Pérez, Daniella’s mother, is part of the documentary. (HBOMax)

30 years have passed since Daniella’s death and unfortunately the culprits are free. In the documentary, Gloria shows unpublished reports and revisits the case with authorities of the process, relatives and relatives of her daughter, who recall the artist’s career and her memories of the tragedy. Among them, Claudia Raia, Fábio Assumpção, Maurício Mattar, Cristiana Oliveira Y Erin Johnson.

framed in the truecrime, genre that has prevailed in recent times on platforms, Brutal pact: the murder of Daniella Pérez points to the importance of memory, the impact of what is a femicide (at that time it was described as a crime of passion), and the need we have as a society to put this issue that crosses all areas on the front page.


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The documentary about the brutal murder of a young acting promise has already premiered on HBO Max