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For some time I have been doing some articles on the benefits of Sanchismo, which I have sincerely observed and analyzed its behavior and its actions so much that I have ended up hating. Because of his psychopathy, his narcissism and of course because he doesn’t listen to his people. I think there are many more people who, given what is happening, may have similar or the same feelings. Just as there will be millions who, as always, can look at the world from kindness and from selfishness, and for the latter they have done well. But there is a reality, this country every day looks more like the dictatorship of Maduro in Venezuela. Sánchez is on that path, silencing everything that he does not extol, praise or acclaim. For this he is assaulting all the Democratic Institutions. When at the same time he is threatening companies and the media that are not on his rope, because of course when the lie is fatter, the truth seems and you hear some minister say: “The financial economic conspiracy seeks to bring down the government”.

But today I want to make you think and reflect with my article. Maybe I’m getting too philosophical.

When you have the most radical confrontation, you ask yourself questions, which can turn into something positive, as long as there is an adequate attitude and disposition. When you manage to find a meaning to suffering, you see a light at the end of the path, so that it is not sterile, deaf and useless, you have to tell yourself “yes to life despite everything”.

D. Gregorio Marañón said: «Living is not only existing, but existing and creating, knowing how to enjoy and suffer and not sleep without dreaming. To rest is to begin to die». I think that the world is the great house of all, in it we must work to leave it better than how we found it. When this does not happen and the new generations have such an uncertain future, you wonder if life has any meaning. And faced with a limiting personal situation, you ask yourself why me, why me. When perhaps you have always confused without being aware “Being with Having”. When the foundation of happiness does not lie in consuming, it lies in the donation of oneself, which is what adds value to society, and you realize in the end what many say, «the greatest existential emptiness, the greatest need for material things». Perhaps freedom is confused with independence, when being free is the ability to choose, and independence means separating from the rest.

I think that it is necessary to criticize with conviction a society where its reason is to regulate everything, where a person, an institution, or an entire country is valued for its productivity, or for its profitability. In order to develop with dignity, human beings need to consume, but they are not made to consume. We are made to love, to think, to enjoy activities that transcend possession.

Faced with the culture of having that causes exclusion, discrimination and resentment, it is essential to vindicate the culture of Being. “Happiness does not lie in consuming but in being fully free and responsible people”. This thesis should have had its echo in educational practice, to prepare people capable of contributing the best of themselves. From the culture of Being, the most relevant capital is a society with its citizens, and its ability to innovate, to create, and to transform reality. Freedom is not the last word but the first, it is not the end of the road but the beginning, which opens the way to responsibilities, it is the main force that motivates man to act.

A rather tricky reality when behind a pandemic that we have not yet fully overcome. There is also a Putin trying to destroy a nation and its people, and threatening the rest of the world with dropping atomic bombs on us. (Is this why world leaders have taken advantage of time, when they have come to Madrid?).

This world is under threat from a country run by a psychopath with a total absence of empathy, and with omnipotence of thought, who seeks power at all times, and is fully aware of what he does with the maximum expression of hatred, which it will lead to their self-destruction, or perhaps to ours, because to the bombs is added human evil that wants to starve millions of people. Those who still do not condemn and justify it should be made to look.

Another difficult and dangerous real situation is what we do against the poverty that we already have in our own country. Crises and crisis policies are creating situations of social exclusion. Unemployment, falling incomes, social cuts and lack of protection aggravate a situation that the crisis has only deepened and extended, but whose causes are prior and structural, after our country wasted years of growth, since it did not they served to reduce inequalities, and now the current difficulties are leaving irreversible damage.

We will only advance from the culture of Freedom and Being, we must already create urgent measures to rescue the most needy population, and we must advance in the transformation towards a more cohesive and egalitarian society, and for this we must not remain dumbed down.

A hug from Paco.

Francisco Gomez Box

The Economic – Living is not just existing