The family of the beheaded man in Huelva defines the accused as a “dangerous psychopath” who “enjoys killing”

The lawyer for the family of the man beheaded in Huelva on October 31, 2020, believes that the person accused of this event – who walked the head of the deceased down the street after depositing it in a garbage container on Pío XII Avenue — he is a “dangerous psychopath” who “enjoys killing” and will ask in the trial to be held starting this Monday at the Huelva High Court that moral cruelty be added to the crime of murder, treachery and desecration of the corpse and physical, as well as a crime against moral integrity.

This has been stated by Marcos García Montes in statements to journalists at the entrance to the Court, where he has indicated that they are asking for 32 years and five months in prison for MJNB and that the family is “very bad”, as well as that his niece is “in psychological treatment”, since he has highlighted that it is “the senseless crime of a psychopath” who “has structured and preserved mental and cognitive faculties” and that he is a “dangerous” person.

In this sense, he recalled that he was in prison in Mexico and that he has “an associated psychopathy disorder” that “does not affect his knowledge of what he is doing” or “at his will” and that he “enjoys killing” because “he has a marble feeling of what is happening and enjoys it ».

In this regard, he has asserted that they are going to request the General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions to certify whether during preventive detention “he has assaulted a person and has even tried to kill him,” according to “news” that the private prosecution has and that “there are to contrast”.

For this man, the Prosecutor’s Office requests 24 years in prison for an alleged crime of murder, as well as five more months for a crime of desecration of the corpse and compensation of 25,000 euros for each of the brothers of the deceased.

After forming the popular jury, this Monday the interrogation of the accused and eight testimonials -most of them from national policemen- is planned, while on Tuesday the expert tests will be carried out and on Wednesday the verdict will be delivered.

The facts

The indictment of the Prosecutor’s Office indicates that on November 29 the defendant went after eating to the house of his childhood friend CRM and there both began to fix a bicycle owned by the deceased, as well as that within the conversation they had a discussion related to offenses of a sexual nature against CRM’s sister and niece

After that, according to the letter, between 10:00 p.m. on October 29, 2020 and 8:00 a.m. on October 30, 2020, the deceased went to the kitchen “in search of a beer and bent down to leave the bottle on the ground”, at which time the defendant “followed him stealthily from behind” and, “with the intention of causing the death” of CRM “grabbed with both hands a metal skeleton of a heater weighing 1.1 kilos of weight that was on the kitchen floor, raised him and then hit his head with it, breaking his skull in the blow and thereby causing his death».

The brief goes on to indicate that the defendant moved the body from the place and “cut off his head in a short time, using a 20-centimeter-blade knife,” given that “he wanted to exhibit his head as a trophy, a custom he had acquired in his years of stay in Mexico.

The Prosecutor’s Office notes that after that he left the house taking the keys and that between 5:00 a.m. on October 30 and 9:00 a.m. on October 31, 2020, the defendant returned and took “an undetermined amount of beer and toxic drugs, narcotics or psychotropic substances”, as well as that he cleaned the kitchen, the corridor and the bathroom to “try to eliminate the traces or vestiges that could implicate him in death” and “he took advantage of that stay to catch head, put it in a bag and take it away’.

In addition, according to these provisional conclusions, the defendant “went with his friend’s head to Houston Square” and “left the bag among the branches of a tree”, returning around 3:00 p.m. on October 31 to pick it up. and “going with her to some containers in the square, where he left her on the ground while he tried to burn a series of clothes and objects that could incriminate him in the death of his friend.”

The letter from the Public Prosecutor’s Office records that, at that moment, a woman approached the defendant and asked him what he was carrying in the bag that he had just left on the ground, to which he replied “come and look at it yourself” and “with this I’ll to make me an ashtray”, while he was showing it to him, something that this person took as a joke since the date coincided with the celebration of Halloween, so “the accused again offered to show it to him up close in exchange for pesos, euros or tobacco”, as well as showed it to “two girls”.

Finally, the brief indicates that after this the defendant “undertook to flee” and “threw the bag with his head next to a garbage container located on a street on Pío XII Avenue. The rest of the body of the deceased victim was found at his home.

This man, who goes by the acronym MJNB, was arrested the same day at 9:15 p.m. for these events and was sent to jail after provisional detention without bail was ordered. This man has a police record and is over 50 years old, like the victim.

The family of the beheaded man in Huelva defines the accused as a “dangerous psychopath” who “enjoys killing”