The father

On August 24, the “hooded walker” was filmed / Photo: Road Camera.

The father-in-law of Martín Del Río, the detainee as the alleged perpetrator of the double homicide of his parents in the Buenos Aires town of Vicente López, recognized his son-in-law by the way he walked as the person who is seen arriving and leaving on the day of the crime. from the scene of the event with a chinstrap and a hooded sweatshirt, judicial sources reported.

Vicente López’s team of prosecutors in charge of the case, made up of Alejandro Musso, Martín Gómez and Marcela Semería, yesterday took one of the pending testimonials, that of the accused’s father-in-law, Miguel Sánchez.

The man lives in General Villegas, is dedicated to rural activity and his testimony was important because he is the owner of the apartment at 2465 Virrey Arredondo Street in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Colegiales that he lived sporadically when he came to the Federal Capital and that he lent to his son-in-law to use as an office.

The department is key for prosecutors because Del Río (47) was filmed arriving there in his Mercedes Benz truck at 8:02 p.m. on the day of the crime and staying for 50 minutes.

According to the prosecution’s hypothesis, he made a post-parricide stop there to go take a bath and discard key evidence, such as when he is seen leaving the hall of that building with a heavy cloth bag in which they believe he was carrying the DVR with his hands. recordings from the cameras of his parents’ house and return with the same empty.

“He did not hesitate to affirm that, due to the way he walked, it was his son-in-law Martín Del Río,” one of the judicial investigators told Télam, who specified that the father-in-law identified him when the prosecutors showed him the recordings of the suspect to whom they call the “hooded walker” who was filmed arriving at the house of Vicente López at 5:33 p.m. on the day of the incident and leaving at 6:30 p.m.

In turn, the representatives of the Public Ministry showed him the video in which, during his investigation, they made Del Río walk down a corridor of the prosecutor’s office, and the father-in-law said that his daughter’s husband did not walk like that.

“What a son of a bitch, he doesn’t walk like that, he even puts his right leg,” said Del Río’s father-in-law forcefully.

This is the third witness who already recognized by his way of walking – zigzagging, with a slight limp and stooped – Del Río as the suspect in the videos who covered with a hooded sweatshirt, chinstrap and cap, walked back and forth about 30 blocks between Núñez and Vicente López, to get to and from the site of the double murder.

The letter where Del Ro claims innocence
The letter where Del Río claims innocence.

His brother, Diego Del Río, and the real estate agent with whom he had an extramarital relationship had previously identified him to prosecutors.

“Martín ruined our lives for all of us, we all found ourselves totally destroyed, we never expected such a thing, I don’t know how he managed to lie to us for so long, my daughter can’t believe that she was deceived for thirty years,” said the man before the prosecutors, before whom he stated that his grandchildren “want to change their last name” because “they feel cheated”.

In a section of his testimony -to which Télam had access- Sánchez added: “Neither my daughter nor I can understand how she could have killed her parents, it is something that is not understood. I always lived deceived and now I realize that it is a psychopath, that in fact my daughter Cecilia’s psychiatrist told her that he is a psychopath, and that he is a snake deceiver”.

Regarding the day after the event, the man explained that upon his arrival in Buenos Aires he was struck by the fact that there were towels hanging in the bathroom that gave the impression that someone had taken a bath, which reaffirms the prosecutors’ suspicion that Del Rio then actually went there not only to discard evidence, but also to shower.

When talking about the business and the economic situation of his son-in-law, Sánchez also mentioned that both Martín and his father Enrique had defrauded him in several businesses, that the now accused had been compulsively buying goods without having liquidity and that he knows that in the country Nordelta de Tigre, where she lived with her daughter and grandchildren, owed expenses and had stopped having a domestic worker.

Meanwhile, the expansion of the investigation that was scheduled for this Tuesday for María Ninfa “Nina” Acosta, the employee of the victims who was detained accused of being the “delivery person”, was suspended after yesterday her lawyer, Hugo López Carribero , file a brief to dismiss that request that he had made when his client was still detained for the case.

“Nina” (64), who worked for 12 years in the house of the murdered couple, was detained for almost 13 days on suspicion of having “delivered” the fact, among other things because of the suspicions that the now detained Del Río planted on her before the investigators, although when the case pointed to the youngest son of the victims, the judge of Guarantees 1 of San Isidro, Ricardo Costa, ordered his release.

crime scenes
crime scenes

The retired lawyer, ex-police officer and merchant José Enrique Del Río (74) and his wife María Mercedes Alonso (72) were found murdered -he with three bullets and she with one-, on August 25 inside their car in the garage from his mansion on Calle Melo 1101, by Vicente López.

His youngest son, Martín Del Río, was arrested on September 7 as the author of an alleged double parricide, and was charged with “double homicide quadruply qualified by the link, treachery, for criminis causa (killing to achieve impunity) and for the use of a firearm”, a crime that provides for life imprisonment as the only penalty.

For the team of prosecutors, the merchant who inherited his father’s business was the one who arrived at the house on Melo Street on the afternoon of August 24, with some excuse, convinced his parents to get into the Mercedes Benz E350 parked on the street. garage and executed them with a 9-millimeter pistol from the back seat, then simulated a robbery on the property and fled the scene of the crime.

Prosecutors believe that the motive was cheap, since he could not sustain the lie of a move that he had promised them to an apartment in Núñez valued at more than one and a half million dollars that he had not finished buying.

The father-in-law also recognized Del Río as the “hooded walker” of the videos