The first reactions of ‘M3GAN’ speak of the “next great icon of terror”

after a peculiar premiere in which 8 M3GANs began to dance to the rhythm of Taylor Swift and even to which the producer, Jason Blumcame disguised as the character, the first reactions arrive to ‘M3GAN‘, Blumhouse’s new horror bet directed by gerard johnstone and that we will be able to see in Spanish cinemas on January 4th.

Although the full reviews are still embargoed, among the messages that the attendees of the screening have left on Twitter can be read such enthusiastic things like we are facing a new icon of terror or that it has a touch of roll Steven Spielberg. You can read some of the reactions below:

“‘M3GAN brings us our next great horror icon. The first movie in a long time to bring out the best in the “killer doll” story while continuing to forge his own tasteful personality. It is the perfect balance between the mysterious and the black humor. Like ‘Evil one‘, the movie rightfully wins the whole camp.”

“M3GAN is a hoot and a half. It’s best when it builds on the madness that made its marketing campaign so viral. It’s packed with great horror gags and I dare say it’s a bit Spielbergian in its sci-fi elements. Definitely the start of a franchise and will be here for the ride.”

“In case you were wondering… yes, M3GAN is deadly. It’s definitely more of a fun social satire than just horror, but it’s inventive, clever and VERY entertaining. It certainly elevates the “Killer Doll” genre, but now I need a M3GAN vs Chucky movie right away!”

Without falling into the gore

‘M3GAN’ stars allison williams like the roboticist of a toy company and by Violet McGraw (‘The Haunting of Hill House‘) as the little orphaned Cady to whom the psycho doll is attached. Although we don’t see her, Amie Donald puts the body to M3GAN and Jenna Davis the voice in its original version.

“Well, ‘M3GAN’ COOL. We all know I love killer dolls, and this girl is up there with the best. The movie is full of spooky moments, lol-worthy shots, and one-liners that I still smile gleefully over. Less bloody than one might expect, but I had a great time”

“I watched ‘M3GAN’ last night (and did some amazing interviews this morning) and it’s great. The pacing of the story is exactly what you’d expect, but M3gan herself is an instant icon and the tone is top notch. I cracked up so many times, but always being dark.”

“Believe the viral hype: ‘M3GAN’ has a camp and mean streak that will make some tremble, but there is a code in the M3GAN code that makes it easy to support it. Allison Williams completes a trifecta of horror after ‘Let me out‘ Y ‘The perfection‘ playing a well-timed Dr. Frankenstein.”

‘M3GAN’ opens in Spain on January 4, exclusively in theaters from Universal.

The first reactions of ‘M3GAN’ speak of the “next great icon of terror”