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The Flash defeated a huge amount of villains in his crime against time, but one villain absolutely no one got the better of him.

The Flash is the fastest man alive in the DC Universe and, predictably, that means he needs strong and dangerous villains to fight. Whether it’s Barry Allen or Wally West, the Scarlet Speedster has taken on a psychopathic speedster or a telepathic gorilla, but a villain defeats Flash with next to nothing.

Flash has some of the strongest powers in the DC Universe, able to move faster than the speed of light, pass through solid objects, create torrents of wind from the movement of his hands, and even wind up. over time or across dimensions. This absurd host of powers meant the Flash also needed an absurd host of villains, while characters like Batman or Superman usually fight their villains one on one, The Flash often teamed up his villains just to fight him evenly. The villains of Flash’s Thieves are some of the greatest villains DC has to offer, and that’s entirely because they’re a group that must team up to take down their individual hero. But despite all of that, the only villain that caused Flash to hang up his cowl wasn’t Gorilla Grodd, Eobard Thawne, or even The Rogues. It was a man named Diogenes.

Readers got to see the villain who ultimately bankrupted The Flash in Mark Waid and Craig Brasfield’s Flash Annual #4. While trying to search for the hero who would grow up to end the world, the character Waverider scrutinizes Flash’s possible future. Looking 14 years into the future, Waverider sees a Flash who has started a family, married a woman named Bonnie, and had a son named David. David even has the Flash’s powers but cannot use them, as the family is under witness protection, hiding from the villainous Diogenes. When a woman named Bonnie Blackmon contacted Flash, it dragged Flash into the world’s biggest crime syndicate and ended in Flash’s forced retirement.

Diogenes forced Flash to give up his coat

Diogenes wasn’t the typical villain Flash fought, he wasn’t a man with super speed or a wizard from the future. He was a simple man with simple power, whoever he touched, he gained complete knowledge. Including their wants and desires. Diogenes used it to climb the ranks of the underworld, befriend politicians or anyone else he needed. It was this simple power that forced Wally West to retire as The Flash. While Bonnie and Wally were able to send Diogenes to jail, he managed to hit both Wally and Bonnie in his path, allowing him to have Wally’s mother murdered and threatening Bonnie’s life. With Diogenes having intimate knowledge of every aspect of their lives, Wally had no choice but to give up being the Flash and go into witness protection. It shows that for as heroic and powerful as Wally is if his family is put in the line of fire he will give up everything to protect them which is exactly how a man with only useful power managed to do something the destroyers of the literal world could not.

Flash is one of the greatest heroes of all time, but even he can’t be everywhere at once. While Flash will try to save everyone, when his family is under fire, the only thing he could do to protect them was to give up being a hero, which is exactly how someone like Diogenes beaten down.

The Flash’s Ending Confirms That A Shocking Villain Is The One Who Beats Him | Pretty Reel