The Hare Psychopathy Checklist: This Test Will Help You Tell If Someone Is A Sociopath

The Hare Psychopathy Checklist, also known as the Psychopathy Checklist, is a psychological assessment tool which is often used to determine the presence of psychopathy in people and to differentiate them from those with antisocial personality disorder.

In fact, the majority of people exhibit certain traits of psychopathy such as superficiality or casualness.

For example, in a person who has great responsibilities, possessing certain psychopathic traits can be a good thing, such as fearlessness, dominant behavior and immunity to stress. Indeed, psychopaths are found in greater proportion among CEOs. Between 3% and 21% of CEOs are likely psychopaths, according to a study by Bond University psychologist Nathan Brooks.

To take the test, a psychologist or other trained mental health professional interviews a potential sociopath and scores them on 20 items.

On each criterion, the subject is rated on a 3-point scale: (0 = the item does not apply, 1 = the item partially applies, 2 = the item fully applies). The scores are added together to create a score from 0 to 40.

Anyone who scores 30 in the US and 25 in the UK is probably a psychopath.

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The test is supposed to be done by a professional psychologist, but you can take the test to give yourself an idea:

1. Do you have “excess patter” or superficial charm?

2. Do you have a grand sense of self-esteem?

3. Do you have an excessive need for stimulation or a tendency to get bored?

4. Are you a pathological liar?

5. Are you a scammer or a manipulator?

6. Do you show a lack of remorse or guilt?

7. Do you have “shallow affect”?

8. Are you callous or lack empathy?

9. Do you have a “parasitic lifestyle”?

10. Do you have trouble controlling yourself?

11. Do you have a history of sexual promiscuity?

12. Do you have a history of early behavioral problems?

13. Do you lack realistic long term goals?

14. Are you too impulsive?

15. Are you irresponsible?

16. Are you unable to take responsibility for your actions?

17. Have you had many short-term relationships?

18. Do you have a history of juvenile delinquency?

19. Have you ever experienced a “revocation of parole”?

20. Have you committed various offences?

How did you score on the Hare Psychopathy Checklist?

If you scored more than 30 points (meaning you answered “a little” or “definitely” to most of these questions), you may be a psychopath!

The Hare Psychopathy Checklist: This Test Will Help You Tell If Someone Is A Sociopath