The horror tape that has generated vomiting and fainting in viewers has arrived

The movie ‘Terrifier 2: The Sinister Clown’ arrived in our country preceded by several comments that make it a title, at least, expectant for lovers of horror and of course, the seventh art in general.

Since last December 29, 2022, this film has been on the billboards of Colombian Cinema, Cinemark, Procinal Y Cinépolis. And if you are a Primer video subscriber, you can watch the first movie on the platform.

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This slasher hits theaters in our country with many rumors and comments of all kinds about viewers who have gone to see it, who, for the most part, have been really shocked. For lovers of the genre, the tape exceeds its first part because there are more bloody scenes and repulsive images that have increased its fame in the countries in which it has been presented.

What is slasher?

Referring to its exact description, slasher cinema is a subgenre of horror cinema in which a masked psychopath murders several people moved by feelings of revenge or anger.

Terrifier 2, cult movie?

Some film critics have commented that Terrifier 2 promises to become a cult movie, with which the horror genre will see its renaissance. To this they add that it was made with a minimal budget, much lower than how large and lavish Hollywood productions are created.

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The director of the film, Damien Leone, managed to give life to an iconic character, who for connoisseurs, is up to the task of ‘Leather Face’ (lestherface) or Jason Voohees from Friday the 13th. Art the Clown will intervene in the life of Sienna (Lauren LaVera), a young cosplay addict, and her brother Jonathan (Elliott Fullam), obsessed with the villain.

Critics delighted with the film

The specialized media IGN, assured that the director of ‘Terrifier 2: The Sinister Clown’, “orchestras sensational slasher extremism (…) Gore fans will love it.”

Dread Central, indicates that “It takes everything that made the first movie amazing and makes it better. Horror fans have to see it no matter what”.

Unexpected reactions in the spectators

The marketing generated by Leone’s film has positioned it in a privileged place among the expectant people who, of course, have not yet seen it.

Cases have been known and reported in which some moviegoers have vomited and fainted during the transmission of the tape.

There is also talk that in the 2 hours and 28 minutes that Terrifier 2 laststhe presence of emergency teams has been important to deal with the most extreme cases of people who cannot bear the violent and unpleasant scenes that can appear.

“I would have loved a couple of people to leave the theater, I think it’s kind of a badge of honor because it’s an intense movie. But I don’t want people to pass out or hurt themselves during the movie. It’s surreal,” said El Director Leone.

box office success

The film was made on a budget of 250 thousand dollarsbut its success has been such that the investment has already been recovered and the collection currently amounts to 12 million dollars.

The director has already informed that there will be at least two more parts of the sinister story, since there are two parts in pre-production ready to be filmed in 2023.

The horror tape that has generated vomiting and fainting in viewers has arrived