‘The Human Hyena’: the contempt of his daughter and the incredible detail for which he returned to jail

A little over a year ago, Roberto José Carmona (59) sewed his mouth shut in anger because the prison guards did not allow him access to a cell phone. The Human Hyena – as he is known for the heinous crimes he committed in the last thirty years; the last one this week in the middle of an incredible escape that he starred in at the time of the match between Argentina and Croatia – he was imprisoned in the Sáenz Peña Penitentiary Complex II, one of the most feared in Chaco. He was never a submissive prisoner, although in his prison file he appears with “exemplary conduct.”

Carmona is a femicide who spent more than half of his life in jail and also has two intra-prison homicides. The psychological psychiatric reports on her never went down well. Among the many conclusions, for example, two devastating words can be read: “psychopath and unrecoverable.”

With several arrests while he was a minor and two life sentences – the first in 1986 for the femicide of Gabriela Ceppi, a 16-year-old teenager whom he sexually subdued and shot in Córdoba – he still obtained a benefit which far less dangerous inmates never access. Since 2014, she has enjoyed temporary departures, although always under strict police custody.

Judge Ligia Duca, in charge of the Criminal Execution Court No. 2 of Resistencia, is the one who authorized the escapes so that the prisoner could visit his partner, in the Las Violetas neighborhood of Córdoba. “He was allowed visits of nine hours a day, for three days and every four months; always with strong accompaniment and custody of non-uniformed prison personnel ”, justified the magistrate this week, after the new crime of the Human Hyena.

According to the judge, throughout these years there have never been any problems in the transfers “nor reports that indicate revoking or suspending them.” Carmona was only authorized to visit his wife because for health reasons she could not go to the prison. She did not have permission to work or study.

This Tuesday, December 13, Carmona escaped in the middle of the game between Argentina and Croatia. The six prison guards affected by custody relaxed due to the World Cup and the neglect was taken advantage of by the multiple murderer, who after 36 years of confinement felt free again for a couple of hours.

However, that murderous instinct that Justice never evaluated when granting the benefit made a simple robbery lead to a murder. Carmona could have gone further if he had not decided to stab Jesús Bocalón (46), the taxi driver who ended up becoming his fourth fatality.

After the crime, he ran to the parking lot of a supermarket in the area and stole a woman’s car. He didn’t go far. He didn’t know the area and he didn’t know where to hide either. He joined the celebrations for the triumph of the National Team, but thanks to a curious detail he was able to be identified in the crowd: he wore his stockings rolled down, a particular sign that was noticed by a force that was destined to capture him. . This data was released this week by the newspaper La Voz.

Carmona is one of the prisoners with the most murders on his record, surpassed among others by Carlos Robledo Puch, who committed eleven crimes between 1971 and 1972, and Luis Iribarren, alias “the Butcher of Giles”, sentenced to life for murder five relatives, including his parents and his two brothers.

On January 14, 1986, the Hyena committed its first murder and eight years later it killed again. In 1994, he killed a fellow prisoner with whom he allegedly had a heated dispute over the leadership of the pavilion. Thus he added an extra sentence to 16 years in prison. In 1997 he killed another inmate, Demetrio Pérez Araujo, and received a second sentence of life imprisonment.

The permanent conflicts hardened their confinement conditions, motivated several transfers and forced the authorities to have special custody. In these years he went through several provincial jails. He was in Córdoba, Corrientes and Chaco. Last week, after killing the taxi driver, he was housed in the Bouwer prison and this Friday he was sent to the Cruz del Eje prison.

You will not receive visitors. You won’t be able to go out again. Her own daughter, in an interview she had with journalist Leonela Dovo from ElDoce.tv, showed total contempt for her father. “He is the worst human species,” she said.

“It’s hard to understand for sure, but she – because of her mother and Carmona’s ex-partner – was another victim because her psychopathy made her think she was a good guy,” added the woman.

The daughter of the multiple homicide acknowledged that she has no contact with her father. “I don’t know about that hdrmp. The worst human species, despicable. I feel disgusting, “she replied and remarked that she” never wanted to know anything about that parasite.

The situation of the guards

Investigative prosecutor Horacio Vázquez, in charge of the investigation into the murder of taxi driver Jesús Bocalón (46), told the local media that he was trying to determine if the escape was planned or occurred due to negligence, and accused Roberto Carmona (59). for the crimes of “evasion, homicide criminis causa and qualified robbery for the use of weapons.”

The judicial officer also accused the six prison guards of the Roque Sáenz Peña Penitentiary Service (Chaco) who were in charge of custody, the province where he is serving a sentence.

Since last Tuesday, the six Chaco prison guards have been detained and charged as alleged perpetrators of the crime of “encouraging evasion.”

In this sense, the prosecutor is also waiting for official reports from the Criminal Enforcement Court and the Chaco Penitentiary Service, in order to find out if the “procedural and security conditions” were met for the transfer of Carmona to the province of Córdoba, where he traveled every four months to visit his partner.

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‘The Human Hyena’: the contempt of his daughter and the incredible detail for which he returned to jail