The Junqueras Law of the traitor Sánchez and the opposition protesters

In Italy, Sánchez would be Antonio Falconetti Il Buggiardoie the liar. The accumulation of trolas with which the illegal Junqueras Law has been aligned portrays him as the biggest liar in the history of Spain and of his own personal history, all of it pure simulation, the succession of tricks of a psychopath to come to power and stay in it at any price, as long as someone else pays. But the trees of his lies hide from us the forest of his betrayal, which is neither more nor less than the seizure of the Spanish constitutional regime for its exclusive and particular benefit.

The seriousness of eliminating the crime of sedition

The day before telling Ferreras that he had decided, on his own and with no more risk than the pleasure of sinking the rule of law, that that is what his pumpidos, robes lurking at the door of the Constitutional, Don Falcone announced that he will stay “many years” in the presidency of the Government. He did us the honor of awarding us the credit, along with a cover of The worldabout what the PP repented at the last minute of the judicial surrender pact, which the infallible González Pons recooked for Feijóo. We know that he follows us. And that, if he could, he would hunt us down and shut us down. But the merit has gone to his audacity, believing that even making the PP swallow the elimination of the crime of sedition, they would keep their signature because they had already come too far to back down. The PP does not know Sánchez, but Sánchez does not know Maricomplejines either, Doña Sustos.

However, the media, which are over the moon in Valencia –or Tebas and Roures, if they are on the trail of the kick– have not related the Junqueras Law that eliminates the crime of sedition so that one day the fat, cross-eyed can sign with the President of the Government of Spain, the independence of Catalonia with the fact that Sánchez intends to be that president. And only the latter explains the former. Only by leading this coup d’état from Madrid can Moncloa be assured; and only by assuring him the Moncloa, the Catalan coup plotters will once again proclaim independence, with Marlaska in some tweet supporting the secession. That, by ceasing to exist legally, it will no longer be an activity that can be prosecuted ex officio, but rather a legally defensible right.

The custom of the coup media, such as Indra-Prisa of the Franco-Armenian Oughourlian and Commissioner Barroso, and what Antonio Falconetti himself said before the grey-haired primate of La Sexta is that This and not the Law is the way to “pacify” Catalonia, “which is infinitely better than in 2017”. Of course, it is much worse, since one of the parties that he supported against the coup plotters has not only pardoned them, but has eliminated the crime for which they were convicted. And it is convenient to attend to this second gesture, much more serious than the first, because it happens in the twilight of dictatorships, when the heroic dissidents were amnesty and the crime for which the Law of the dying regime condemned them is eliminated. Sánchez already acts as a gravedigger of the constitutional order. And he bases his future of “many years” in power on the Catalan revolutionary process.

The Aragonese co-president, towards the referendum

And there is no talk of the future, but of the immediate present. The President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragoneseacting as co-president of Sánchez, assured him immediately on Twitter, assuming co-authorship of the Junqueras Law and announcing the political and legal path that opens up the coup:

“The elimination of the crime of sedition is an essential step in dejudicialization. We continue working to completely end the repression and be able to vote in a referendum. To resolve the political conflict and for freedom.”

In other words, what has been agreed is not only the elimination of crime so that Junqueras can be the president who signs independence with Sánchez, while Spain sinks into civil confrontation, if not civic-military. What has been agreed is the referendum for independence, which, as I have written here two or three thousand times, will be called consultative in Madrid, binding in Barcelona and will mean everywhere the fracture, perhaps irreversible, of the Spanish State. That and nothing else is what Sánchez has just signed. That and nothing else is what Aragonés has just assured. That and nothing else is what SER and the television duopoly defend. That and nothing else is what they will say that it is the definitive pacification of Catalonia and not the checkmate of Spain. And that and nothing else is what, without a doubt, he will defend all the PSOE.

Feijóo’s disappointing speech

After Sánchez assumed the leadership of the coup, the opposition did not react little, or late, or badly, or without force, simply, it did not react. Only Edmundo Bal, of the late Ciudadanos, bothered to write an article. The two big games acted as the VAR for Roures: they were not aware of the misdeed and also hid the seriousness of what happened. Vox issued a disapproving burp in the form of a tweet: “Traitor.” And Feijóo, who had the time to cross South America and the Atlantic to think, announced a solemn speech to the Spanish. Before, after the Sanchista announcement, the PP had issued a long and absurd statement in which it asked the PSOE not to break with its “democratic tradition”, something that the PSOE has not had, has and will never have. But since Feijóo was around Latin America – he and his party call it Latin America or Latin America – and when the cat is not there, the mice dance, and like the ritual, because it is already a ritual, called the PSOE to save us from Sánchez, it is almost ex officio, we waited for Feijóo, at a press conference without questions, to explain himself.

And he did. In the first part of the fourteen minutes in which he addressed the Spanish, he announced the strange gravity of what had happened. In the second, announced that he was running for election to save the center and that from that center, once in government, he would not only never do what Sánchez has done – a redundant feat – but also he would undo what he does in the time he has left in Moncloa. Feijoo’s word. That’s good.

And meanwhile?

Meanwhile, nothing. Not a single parliamentary measure or protest in the street, against what he himself has just described as very serious. We Spaniards must congratulate ourselves on having the possibility, within a year, of voting for Feijóo, who from the center centered on the one who summons the PSOE will not do the same as Sánchez, and will even undo or “revert” it. And with that great tranquility, hala, now we can all go to sleep. The eternal dream.

Waiting for Abascal

Vox was more forceful: he made it known that he did not speak on Saturday because he would on Monday. Until now we did not know that politicians do not skip media waiting times, and that everything serious that happens must do so in prime time, or wait for the programming that the wise men of the party deem appropriate. But It is false that Ortega Smith had kidnapped Abascal and had him locked up in the Alcázar. If the weather doesn’t prevent it, this Tuesday he will come to esRadio. Fortunately, he is alive. But honestly, I don’t understand the opposition. Antonio Falconetti, Il Buggiardo, does not let a single day go by without attacking Spain and everything Spanish with all its might. And the opposition, faced with such a destructive frenzy, takes it in stride.

Of course, like when in the first two years after 11M the PP was an unburied corpse, we Spaniards are not going to wait for the parties to mobilize. But if they don’t demobilize or demoralize, the better.

The Junqueras Law of the traitor Sánchez and the opposition protesters