The Last Of Us: the new and mind

The ending of episode 2 of The Last Of Us surprised fans because it is different from a memorable scene from the video game. Internet users were shocked by the outcome of this second chapter. Warning, spoilers.

Warning, spoilers. It is advisable to have seen episode 2 of The Last Of Us before continuing to read this article.

Available on Prime Video, episode 2 of The Last Of Us lifts the veil on some mysteries related to cordyceps, the fungus causing human infection, in the universe of the series adapted from the famous video game.

The opening sequence of the episode also features a flashback of a mycologist in Jakarta who studies an infected body and advises the Indonesian government to bomb the city to prevent the epidemic from spreading.

In the present, Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Tess (Anna Torv) learn that they need to bring Ellie (Bella Ramsey) to the Fireflies because her immunity could be the key to a cure for the infection. On the way, they are attacked by Clickers and Tess is bitten.

Condemned, Tess sacrifices herself when a horde of infected arrives to attack them as they took refuge in the Capitol where they found a group of Fireflies dead. This diversion allows Joel and Ellie to escape. At the end of Episode 2, Tess lets an Infected come into contact with her via the fungal tendrils in the form of a “kiss” and blows up the building full of Infected meanwhile.

A new and mind-blowing ending that surprised fans of The Last Of Us

We can say that this mind-blowing ending shocked video game fans. It is indeed very different from the similar sequence in the video game universe. In the game, it is not the infected who come to attack them at the Capitol but FEDRA soldiers.

Tess was also bitten and she will also sacrifice herself but she will be shot and killed by the soldiers. His death was already tragic in the video game, but it takes on a whole new dimension in this way in the series. This change has a lot more to the fans even if they were left speechless, as evidenced by their reactions on social networks.

The first two episodes of The Last Of Us are available on Amazon Prime Video.

The Last Of Us: the new and mind-blowing end of episode 2 shocks internet users