The list of Marvel series from Netflix that are available on Disney plus

Get ready for unforgettable moments with Disney+ this summer. Check out Netflix’s best Marvel series right now.

Love, hate, revenge, sex, regrets, all the ingredients are there to make you live warm moments. Discover the new Marvel series not to be missed on Netflix.


THE DEFENDERS tells the story of four New York heroes who decide to join forces to resist ruthless adversaries. During the 8 episodes of the unique season of this 2017 series, our Avengers will fight body and soul to free their city from the grip of the hand wishing to destroy it.


Surviving the air crash of his private jet, Danny Rand, a grandson of bourgeois was rescued by the temple of K’un-Lun. Very early, he fell in love with the mystical martial arts and was initiated. He also becomes the heir to the Iron FIST. Having acquired a new power in this way, he will be able to free the box from the grip of corruption. He will then take control of it by ravaging all his enemies on his way. Who could resist his fire punches?


In this fiction, screenplay director Cheo Hoadri Coquer brings an American Gangster-esque series to the table. This tells the story of a black man who not only impresses with his looks, but also with his actions. The invulnerable Luke Cage will come to put an end to a war between gangs that had been ravaging for years. In season 2, Bushmaster a new enemy who is on the quest for revenge, appeared. He sowed discord in the heart of the city, setting the streets on fire and blood to achieve his ends. In the face of Cage’s fury, his revenge could only fade.


Released since 2015, JESSICA JONES embodies the female heroine that Marvel needed. Through its 3 seasons, this series exposes the story of a young girl sexually abused repeatedly by Kilgrave. This one is a naughty man who can control people’s will. Following his crimes on the young girl, he disappeared for a time, but would reappear later. Ironically, only Jones is able to stop him. The private detective will not skimp on her resources to track down her detractor. She was helped by her half-sister during this mission.


Bitter regret, revenge, massacre, this is what PUNISHER has in store in its 2 seasons of 26 episodes. Dwelling day and night on the horrible crimes committed on behalf of Uncle Sam and traumatized by the murder of his daughter and his wife, Frank Castle puts on the mantle of revenge. He launched an attack on the culprits, ready to do anything to make them suffer the harsh punishment. Will the man thirsty for revenge really succeed in punishing his executioners? Head over to Disney+ to find out more. Attention to sensitive souls, because it will be really strong and the scenes could be shocking.


Honoring the memory of his father by becoming a good believer and respecting the law, such was the will of Matt Murdock. Only that over time, he ends up turning into a killing machine. He who acquires a keen sense following the loss of his eyes when he was still a young boy now fights corruption and inequality in broad daylight under the minds of the law. He becomes Daredevil at night and uses his fists to slaughter the enemies of his city. Conversely, Wilson Fisk, a wealthy businessman, but a real psychopath, kills everyone he likes under the pretext of cleaning up his town. This 3-season series released between 2015-2018 awaits you on Disney +.

The list of Marvel series from Netflix that are available on Disney plus