The longest night. After the new paper house they fall in the re

Looking for a new paper house they have found a remake, of the remake, of the remake…

This new Spanish production called ‘The longest night’ is defined as a miniseries, as it only has six episodes, but we cannot consider it as such because the plot does not end in those six chapters. It is a duel of sides in a prison that is left open for the second season. Netflix will release this first season on July 8 and neither the platform nor the showrunners will ever recognize it, but this is a very clear case of trying to create a new phenomenon like ‘The paper house’, but they have come out with a stretched version of ‘Assault on district 13’.

‘Assault on Precinct 13’ is a 2005 film that versioned a 1976 film called ‘Assault on Precinct 13’, directed by none other than John Carpenter. That title, in turn, came from a Hawks classic, ‘Río Bravo’, which the filmmaker himself was already in charge of repeating with some changes in ‘El Dorado’. The screenwriters Screenwriter Xose Morais Y Victoriano Sierra Ferreiroauthors of ‘Néboa’, trace the formula and can now innovate for the second part, because this one neither stands out among so many remakes nor has it distanced itself sufficiently from the work of Alex Pina as to be fresh.

In ‘The longest night’ a famous serial killer, belonging to an organization, does not resist his arrest and goes to jail. The arrest of “El Caimán”, as it is called, puts certain people in check and causes a plan to be executed. Thus begins a thriller that takes place in one night, Christmas. In the middle of this conflict is the director who was about to celebrate Christmas Eve with his children. What seems like it was going to become a Spanish version of ‘Jungla de cristal’ follows the very same scheme of the remakes that I have mentioned. If we take into account that to what has already been told we add the typical tension between inmates and officials and also external components interested in the recently arrested person, we see that this is very similar to the film by Jean-François Richet or Carpenter. It even maintains the dilemma for the protagonist who is divided by a double standard, by the personal and the professional, by the value of one life or another.

Director oscar pedraza (‘Sky Rojo’, ‘Patria’) moves well through the recreated scenarios to give life to the Monte Baruca Psychiatric Prison. The story reflects well the pressure of the protagonist who has to run an asylum and also take care of his children at Christmas during the maelstrom that is generated. This is one of those situations of broken plans, improvisations and many interests and stakeholders. When the story works best is when it moves between prisoners, guards and other “secondary” characters, ironically it is not when it focuses on the two protagonists played by Albert Ammann Y Louis Callejo. It is not because of them, but because the arc of the rest of the protagonists is much more interesting. However, it should be noted that Luis Callejo as an unscrupulous villain is hitting the target. He gives the profile of cold and calculating film psychopath and sociopath. Also remarkable is the role of Daniel Albaladejo What Cherokee and the one of Xavier Deive as one of the most veteran guards in Baruca.

What has disappointed me the most is neither its lack of originality nor its brazen attempt to become a mass phenomenon. It is the fact that he sins in not realizing that more is less. Too many components are introduced, trying to curl the curl and stretch the gum. ‘The longest night’ is full of convenient coincidences that make the plot lengthen with twists and turns, of the already classic details of diversity and inclusion of Netflix, the typical romances of the Spanish series… It is not a copy because in Instead of taking place in a police station, it is located in a prison/insane asylum or instead of being located on New Year’s Eve, it happens on Christmas Eve. Subtle changes that, at least for me, are not enough.

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The longest night. After the new paper house they fall in the re-remake