The love for the theatre, the passion for dance, Claudia Campagnola talks about herself

“Mousetrap” by Agatha Christie is a thriller, a comedy and a well-conceived theatrical piece, in which various elements are combined and there is no shortage of references to popular tradition (such as the Three Blind Mice nursery rhyme), which enliven the plot and keep the reader with bated breath in search of the culprit. Edoardo Erba makes a translation and a new theatrical adaptation full of food for thought, all seasoned with the directorial magic of Giorgio Gallione. An incredible cast for this theatrical piece that sees a splendid one among the protagonists Claudia Campagnola as Mollie.

Claudia is undoubtedly one of the most promising and valid actresses of our artistic panorama who has built and is building a noteworthy career. Kind, welcoming, intelligent, refined, delicate, intuitive, these are some of the many qualities of her that build and give life to a creature, an intense and dense woman of an existential artistic figure that is perfectly expressed in her being of her. The plot of the comedy is simple yet full of food for thought: five strange customers and the owners are isolated in an inn in the English countryside, hiding among them, a psychopathic murderer who has already killed someone in London but under what disguise murderer? Each of those present seems to have something to hide and it will be up to Sergeant Trotter, sent to the spot, to solve the riddle. It is certain that the riddle will keep the viewer in suspense. Claudia Campagnola gives us and above all lets us enter her world by telling us about her artistic life and this theatrical comedy.

Dear Claudia, we will see you at the theater in “The Mousetrap”, what role do you play?
Dear Barbara … in “The Mousetrap” I play Mollie, a young woman who inaugurates the opening of her inn on that very day: The Hunter’s Inn!

Is the text taken from Agatha Christie for the translation and adaptation of Edoardo Erba, an undoubtedly important work?
A very important work from many points of view … for the beauty of the role, for the prestige of Giorgio Gallione’s direction, for the high professionalism of the cast, for the prominence and depth of the production: La Pirandelliana. Added to this is an emotionally important aspect: I am finally returning to the theatre, after the two dark years of the pandemic, with a high-quality tour.

How did director Giorgio Gallione create the right declination so that everything becomes perfect?
Working with Giorgio Gallione was a wonderful surprise; I had never worked with him, I really appreciated his methodology. He immediately took care of every detail, every detail without leaving anything unresolved, creating a very precise and structured system, at the same time he left us actors the opportunity to express ourselves in our feelings and in our proposals.

How tough are the tests?
The rehearsals are demanding, but it’s precisely in those days that the act of creation takes place, and every effort, everything that doesn’t add up is essential for working on the character. It is the moment in which we prepare to welcome the magic of replicas. Then, it’s time for the artisanal work aimed at achieving the final result and that is the show, the staging.

How does Lodo Guenzi fit into a theatrical comedy, do I remember him in “A life on holiday, an old woman dancing …”?
Lodo Guenzi fits perfectly and with great acting ability in the comedy. Many know him as a singer of “Lo stato sociale” but do not know that he graduated first of all as an actor at the Nico Pepe in Udine.

We come to you, but who are you, how could you tell yourself?
I am a happy daughter born of two young parents who have filled me with love. I am a generous person who needs and wants to share emotions, I am always dedicated to improving myself in work and in life. I am an enthusiast who loves life and colours.

What’s your greatest passion other than theater?
Music in all its possible expressions, to listen to, to sing, to dance, to enjoy.

Where did you train?
I studied at the Action Theater Academy for professionals directed by Isabella del Bianco and Cristiano Censi at the Teatro de Cocci in Rome. A very professional, very reliable and competent academy in which many talented actors who have been working for years have been trained.

Are you an all-round artist considering you sing and dance?
My passion was born with dance yes, modern dance. Dance was the first art form I experimented with; then came the theater after singing, for scenic needs, for roles, but also to be a more skilled professional. I really like singing, but I always approach it with great humility.

How many dreams does your drawer contain?
I have a warehouse of drawers full of dreams!

Pebbles in the shoe do we have?
No! Pebbles in the shoe are not for me …. I walk barefoot!

I’m curious: what will you be when you grow up?
When I grow up I won’t forget to continue playing as I did as a child and as I still do today.

Space for some cinema do we have any?
I just shot for the fiction “La storia” directed by Francesca Archibugi. On 3 December, World Disability Day, I’m telling you practically in preview, there will be a screening of “Ologramma”, music for inclusion, a docu-fiction with the masterful and skilful direction of Francesco Zarzana which tells the story of this band of special kids who opened the Vasco Rossi concert at the end of May in Imola in front of thousands of spectators. I play a music therapist who worked with these guys … it seemed like a beautiful sign, music is always in my life, in various forms. However, cinema is one of the many dreams to come true

I am pleased to talk about a near future project: on December 9, in Isernia I will be the narrator for “Concert for women’s faces” written by Paolo Logli, with the orchestra conducted by maestro Leonardo and four internationally renowned singers, women and incredible female artists, whose identity I cannot reveal yet. It is a project of great artistic stature, and being part of it is very prestigious for my career. While I’m writing to you, the project for December 9th has just been confirmed and I can say the names: Mannoia, Turci, Noemi, the soprano Vittoriana De Amicis and I… you brought me luck!

The love for the theatre, the passion for dance, Claudia Campagnola talks about herself