“The Menu” premieres, one of the most intriguing films of 2022

The film that opens today and whose cast is led by Ralph Fiennes and Anya Taylor-Joy, combines a dash of laughter, drama and terror.

Before 2022 ends, a proposal arrives on the big screen that will delight those who like the horror genre and black humor. It is “The menu”, the new feature film starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicholas Hoult and Ralph Fiennes.

Since its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) last September, this production has not stopped generating good comments for the way in which fear and suspense are mixed with the world of cooking.

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What would you give to have the best Dinner Would you take a trip to a small, remote island and join only a dozen other diners for the evening? Would you pay $1,250 for the experience? Would you endure the terrifying coldness of the head chef? And would you be willing to eat the best food in the world even when your life is at risk? These are some of the questions that this new film from director Mark Mylod seeks to unravel.

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The film casts veteran actor Ralph Fiennes as the Chef eccentric and master chef Slowik who has prepared a meal like no other for his exclusive clientele at his out-of-town Hawthorne restaurant. It is a menu that, for lack of a better phrase, is simply “to die for”.

The restaurant’s privileged patrons, carefully selected by the cook for their proximity to wealth and power, are obvious vehicles for social criticism. There is an actor, a politician and his wife and a group of nouveau riche celebrating a birthday, among other guests. They all hide secrets and indiscretions that Chef Slowik is aware of. Later than never they realize that something truly sinister is afoot.

And it is that the chef has decided to introduce a new ingredient in the dishes. This secret change dramatically transforms the lives of clients.

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Some of the guests turn up dead and the other chefs show a clear cult devotion to their head chef.

Anya’s character is less invested in the dining experience than her partner, suspecting something is wrong all the time.

According to Infobae, the film focuses on the character of Fiennes, whom the director describes as someone “who wants to go out in flames.”

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Fiennes himself spoke about the strange, dark layers found throughout this hellish meal while calling his character a haunting, psychopathic figure. For her part, Anya Taylor-Joy described the film’s style as a “completely different kind of horror.”

Horror-loving moviegoers who have already had the privilege of seeing this production in advance classify it as one of the movies of the year. Based on some critics and reviews shown so far, it looks like it’s going to be one of the most intriguing and deranged horror adventures of the year.


“The Menu” premieres, one of the most intriguing films of 2022