the moviola | Halloween Ends: Dear Mr. Myers


First of all, I fearfully apologize for writing this letter to you and making it public, but if it happens that you don’t know how to read – the truth is, in the more than 10 films that have been made about your work, I have never seen you pick up a book – surely there will be a volunteer to do it for you. The reason for my audacity is to inform you about topics that will surely cause a deep wound in your sensibility as it has in mine.

The most recent feature film about his bloody, sharp and sharp saga that has trapped more than a generation, most of them in the flower of chavorruquez, was released: Halloween Ends (David Gordon Green, 2022), and there are issues that I would like to comment on: in the first place, that just as the first film of 1978 is a sign of the times, directed by John Carpenter, a highly skilled, talented craftsman who very well supplied his initial clumsiness with will and generic daring to the degree of being a before and after in the cinema of its kind, in addition to providing part of the spirit of its esteemed story Michaelin a very seventies reflection on the fear of the other who is closer to us than we think we see in the most recent installment the current one a weakness for political correctness, a subject that I understand is the only thing that has caused him laughter in his interesting life.

Halloween Ends, is a franchise product that with impunity breaks with the cliché and the proven genre formulas that made its saga what it is not only in the cinema but in pop culture (later I will explain what this means). And all for the sake of a supposed intelligence in the script.

In what used to be pure evil, today there is an explanation that takes more than half of the film about the reasons for evil, where there was a refreshing gore, today we see very careful shots so that the audience does not decide to cancel it, to you, imagine!, but what are they capable of; where there was hematic rhythm from the beginning, today we are facing a story that takes more than half of its duration, 110 minutes, to start. When this happens, the bloodthirsty public is already so tired that the matter matters very little.

My dear friend, do you mind if I call you that? They just applied Jeffrey Dahmer’s, they applied the Netflix recipe: they screwed me all over. In David Gordon Green’s film they take away the mystery of evil and although it has some good moments and dialogues, something very much from the series: “I’m the psychopath, you’re the phenomenon”, says a character, when the yawns are already irresistible , the explanatory petulance with which the story unfolds, ends up killing any climatic moment, which in the end was the big joke: a stream of morbid emotions without guilt or loss of prestige, for whoever enjoyed them in the middle of a pot of popcorn.

Who was going to tell Michael? What no goofy teen in the movies did, hordes of censors have done in search of a moral explanation for everything.

What is this alleged ending about? Well, nothing, that the post-pubescent buzzard about to enter the university Corey (Rohan Campbell), inadvertently kills a horrible kid, as big as if he were a fugitive from The voice Kids, well not so much, when he played his nano. The fact is quite bloody, but the guy is innocent for the judge. Later he meets allyson (Andy Matichack), granddaughter of Laura (Jamie Lee Curtis), who writes, of course, his memoirs. The good people bring Corey down and already very started, you appear.

Telling him that the need to promote the film is so great that even Jamie Lee Curtis walked around as soon as he could in the CDMX show program. But if he has already endured the smog, may he not survive his onion knife, my dear friend…

the moviola | Halloween Ends: Dear Mr. Myers