The murderer of little Erika, the violent psychopath imprisoned in León, stabbed her 36 times

Illustration that recreates Igor Postolache, according to the testimonies collected. / DANIEL CASTAÑO

The Prosecutor’s Office requests a reviewable permanent prison for Igor Postolache, currently an inmate in the Villahierro prison | The assailant waited for the minor on the street and once inside the portal he pounced on her from behind and in an absolutely surprising way

Reviewable permanent prison for the crime of murder and fifteen years in jail for sexually assaulting her applying the law of ‘only yes is yes’. The Prosecutor’s Office made public yesterday its provisional indictment against Igor Postolache, the 30-year-old Moldovan who killed the girl Erika Yunga, 14, last April in Vallobín. He dealt him at least
36 stab wounds and sexually assaulted her. The document has already been delivered to the Investigating Court number 2.

While the inmate remains admitted to the
Villahierro prison, in León. The Moldovan Igor Postolache, has become one of the inmates who sows the greatest suspicion among officials due to his high danger and serious doubts about his behavior.

Tucked into ‘himself’, in silence, lying in bed 24 hours a day, the accused of killing the 14-year-old Erika Yunga in Oviedo, sows enormous concern among those who watch him. “He is a psychopath,” they sentence.

The crime

It was a planned crime, according to the account of the Public Prosecutor. Days before her murder, Postolache moved to live in the same building where the minor lived with her family, at number 69 Vázquez de Mella street. In addition, and according to the Prosecutor’s Office, during the previous days he studied the entry and exit times of the minor with the aim of “carrying out his criminal action” and decided that “the best option to carry it out was to wait for her one day at her back to class.”

On April 5 of last year, Postolache prepared the crime scene. He lowered all the blinds in his home so that no neighbor could see through the windows what was happening inside, he kept a brown packing tape in the drawer of his nightstand as well as nine black zip ties “in case it necessary to gag her” and took a knife from the table “eleven inches long and two inches wide” that she hid among her clothes.


Subsequently, according to the public accusation document, he left his home and waited hidden for the girl in an area near the portal. At 2:40 p.m., Erika called the phone after a day of classes at the La Ería institute. Her father opened the door for her and the minor entered the building followed by the defendant without her noticing her presence. She went to the elevator, it was then that Postolache pounced on her from behind her and in an absolutely surprising way “he struck her – continues the Prosecutor’s Office – a first stab while pushing her towards the stairs, covering her mouth so that she would not scream”. He dragged her up the stairs and stabbed her in the right maxillary area of ​​her face, in her lower lip, chin and neck “so that she would not resist,” according to the Prosecutor’s Office.

The girl tried to defend herself and put up resistance. Once on the first floor landing, Erika “tried to get up in front of the elevator door, but she couldn’t.” Postolache continued stabbing her and knocked her to the ground to drag her some seven meters to the door of her home. For this, she helped herself, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, by the straps of the backpack that Erika was carrying, full of school books.

took off her clothes

Once inside the house, the Moldovan locked the door and took Erika to the bathroom where he left her and then “headed to the bedroom.” There, she took off her clothes and returned to the girl, who was “severely injured and was unable to move on her own.” A situation that did not stop Postolache from continuing to stab him and sexually assaulting her.

At around 3:09 p.m., a neighbor called the National Police before the desperate screams of the minor’s brother, who “would not stop pounding on the door of the defendant’s house when he saw the enormous blood stains that were in the corridor on the first floor. and his sister’s jacket, thrown on the floor. Minutes later, a patrol arrived at the scene whose agents managed to gain access to the home by forcing the blind on the kitchen window; at 3:20 p.m. they were able to enter the bathroom and found the gruesome situation. They took the girl to the hall to try to revive her, but nothing could be done for her life. The toilets determined her death minutes later.

Postolache has been in the Villahierro prison in León ever since.

The murderer of little Erika, the violent psychopath imprisoned in León, stabbed her 36 times