The mystery of psychopathy

We make it clear that psychopaths can be him or her… Psychopathy is a very serious disorder of emotions and feelings.

From an energetic point of view, these beings have what is called the mark of the beast, a blockage in their first three chakras (root, sacral and solar plexus), which prevents access to the heart, truth, vision and Spirituality. In their psyche, there are no developed human emotions, they do not know or understand emotional states, their reasoning and judgment are altered, they act to obtain what they please, without being bothered by the damage that has to be inflicted, these people, defy everyone wants to do what they want at all costs, without caring about the life or happiness of those who are affected by their actions, they behave in a cruel and defiant way, opposing basic moral norms of society such as honesty, reciprocity or compromise.

They show an absence of remorse or feelings of guilt, are inhibited from feeling fundamental social or human emotions, cold, disconnected and lacking in common sense.

They are unable to feel genuine affection for anyone, as if it is difficult or impossible to consider themselves a full human being.

When a psychopath becomes visible it is due to the surprise and brutality of his actions, but the big problem is not those who come to light, but those who remain in the shadows, those who can camouflage themselves perfectly, those who are face face to face with each other and participate in our lives, those who mistreat, harass, assault and abuse others. You can have them as a couple, as co-workers, as bosses, within your family, in society or leading an entire country.

We can see the neighbor’s face, but we cannot see inside his heart, they may seem normal, beautiful and nice guys, but having them around becomes a serious threat to our emotional stability, our finances and the order of our world, even of our life.

To show a button, we are all attentive to the trial of Johnny Deep, who had an integrated psychopath as a partner (one in seven women are psychopaths).

Amber, during their relationship showed emotional toughness, hollow emotions, lack of empathy, lies, blackmail, theft, deception, arrogance, violence, controlling, domineering, narcissistic and manipulative, impulsive, remorseless and primitive behaviors (such as defecating in bed) .

He even pretended to have the same tastes and interests, he adopted a convenient role to make him believe that he was his soulmate, however, if they beat you up, you go to the police, you don’t ask for money with your lawyers, that’s called extortion. These people can pretend that they love us, appreciate us, believe in God’s laws, and are interested in helping us and serving the community.

They have the ability to pretend what they are not, to pretend purposes and emotions that they do not possess, they are a human chameleon, they cannot establish authentic relationships, they simulate what they do, they seek to control and dominate the people and the places in which they live. they move

Having them close emotionally exhausts, demotivates and leads you to live in chaos. On the other hand, there are criminal psychopaths, such as serial killers, they move between the most brutal violence, even the most subtle mistreatment and manipulation, these characters are incapable of love, the worst thing is that sometimes they wear a mask of normal. Spiritually they are absolutely sick, feeling pleasure with the pain of others is a sign of illness of the soul, they are evil beings with poor spiritual roots, superficial and without any deep concern other than to satisfy their primary and selfish desires, demons of flesh and blood.

Great artists like Picasso made many people suffer, but their art managed to channel those impulses into something productive, they gained control and domination of their environments because they were admired and respected. Making integrated psychopaths feel valued socially, establishing rules that facilitate personal control and seeking professional help are strategies that can benefit and prevent situations, although the best thing is that if you realize that you have one by your side, get away as soon as possible. possible, do not cling to someone who does not care about you and establish zero contact.

How Johnny said to Amber: “I don’t hate you, because hate is a feeling and I don’t feel anything for you”… a psychopath can’t stand indifference, because resentment hurts less than forgetting…

The mystery of psychopathy