The Orphan: the darkest details of the true story


The disturbing story of Esther, which already has two films to its credit, is based on a dark true case of chilling characteristics. Details!

The orphan
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The movies of The orphan follow the life of Esther, a young woman who is actually called Leena and is not as old as her body appears. She has a hormonal disorder that affected her growth and she appears to be about 13 years old. Another detail of this fictional character is that she is a true psychopath who will do everything possible to obtain what she wants. Even kill!

The orphanIncredible as it may seem, it is based on a true story. It’s about the life of Barbora Skrlova which in 2007 led to an unprecedented situation in the Czech Republic. She suffered from a condition known as hypopituitarism by appearing to be 13 years old when, in reality, she was much older. Additionally, she had psychopathic characteristics for which she was committed to a psychiatric facility.

The other “leg of this story” it is Klara Mouerova, who had already suffered several episodes of schizophrenia, and met Barbora when she was studying pedagogy at university. Then Skrlová told her that she had escaped from many institutions where she received mistreatment and abuse from her, convincing Klara to adopt her and take her to her home, trusting that with her care everything would be fine. What a mistake!

A chilling story that inspired La Huérfana

Through manipulation, Skrlová even convinced Klara and her sister Katherina to join a religious sect to which she herself belonged and which was called “The Grail Movement”. Klara Mauerova he commissioned the construction of an iron cage that he hid in the basement and in which he locked his completely naked children.

The plot gets darker and more disturbing as Klara’s children are victims of all kinds of abuse and torture. This is how one of the boys would later tell a judge how Katherina and Barbora beat them, put out cigarettes on their skin and made them live in their own feces. It is clear that we are talking about a story that serves as inspiration for a horror movie like The orphan.

Finally, and by fate, the children were rescued. Skrlová had a video monitor in the basement to keep an eye on the minors. One of her neighbors bought one exactly the same to watch her baby and when they tried to pick up the signal from her house they saw what was happening on the property of the Mauerová sisters. The authorities acted immediately but unfortunately one of the children died.

Barbora Skrlova escaped to Norway where he tried, again, to deceive another family by posing as “Adam”. In this case, the police of the Czech Republic managed to detect her and quickly arrest her before she again acts coldly and maliciously. Klara was sentenced to twelve years in prison; Katherina ten years and Barbora only five years being accused of being the intellectual author of the terrible crimes. In 2011 she appealed and was released with a disturbing fact: His current whereabouts are unknown! will he have seen The orphan?

The Orphan: the darkest details of the true story