The psychopath from Wells; a jackal who is “missing”

His name is Eduardo and, although his face is not known, there are many people waiting for his location so that he can be brought before the justice authorities and pay for the horrible crimes he committed against four children whom he mistreated on countless occasions; As a result of the brutal beatings he inflicted on two of them, he took their lives and, not content with it, buried them on the floor of a room inside his own house.

It is not known precisely how the events began, but the horrible story was made known after the residents of the Campiña neighborhood, in the Villa de Pozos district, reported to the authorities a fetid odor that arose from a house in particular. Angelina lived there, a woman barely 28 years old, and her four children, as well as her sentimental partner; Edward, 46 years old.

They were an unusual family. Fights and mistreatment were constantly heard, but nobody dared to pay more attention due to Eduardo’s explosive character. On several occasions, the children and the woman were seen with bruises and injuries of all kinds, however, and despite the evident violence, the woman remained with her aggressor.

It was learned that, at the end of August, Angelina went to the State Attorney General’s Office to report the alleged disappearance of Eduardo, because, according to what she said, she had not stopped by the house for several days and feared that something bad had happened to him. The authorities became aware of the facts and began the investigation.

The worst happened during the early hours of Saturday, September 3, finally, municipal authorities heeded the call of the neighbors because the smell that, for months had tainted the atmosphere, became more intense. Police officers arrived at Angelina’s home and, as they could, entered. What was their surprise when they found in one of the rooms several black plastic bags, bundles of lime, tools for digging. Among the bags, poorly wrapped and half buried, lay the bodies of two little ones, a boy and a girl. It was immediately known that they were Angelina’s children.

She buried her two children in her own house, her partner killed them!

Without wasting time, the woman was secured and it was she herself who revealed that, in January of this year, Eduardo had beaten the 11-year-old boy to death, later, in May, the madman attacked a five-year-old girl whom he he also massacred to the point of taking his life. None of the murders was reported, the bodies began to rot in the home itself, hence the fetid smell that alerted the neighbors.

After the discovery, it also transpired that a little girl of few years of life was admitted to a hospital, presumably with wounds detached from a sexual assault, while another nine-year-old boy had to be protected by the competent authorities.

Angelina was imprisoned and accepted guilt for the events, but she also acknowledged having strong feelings for Eduardo, the man who took the lives of two of her four children and who, moreover, for a long time, who knows how long, mistreated her to the last. fatigue.

The psychopath from Pozos, as they have begun to call him, is missing, nobody knows where he is. Some versions maintain that, knowing what he had gotten himself into, he decided to run away from home and leave Angelina with the whole problem to avoid being brought to justice. The authorities assure that the investigations are advancing.

We will keep reporting.

The psychopath from Wells; a jackal who is “missing”