The raw news of Karmele Marchante that will shake ‘Sálvame’: “I say it loud and clear”

The journalist Karmele Marchante announces some memoirs in which she will also talk about her raw experience as a collaborator of ‘Sálvame’.

Karmele Marchante has used her social networks on numerous occasions to charge against ‘Save me‘. The Catalan journalist, who remained in the evening program as a collaborator until 2016, does not have good memories of the raw moments that she had to face both in front of and behind the cameras.

Without hesitation or hesitation, the writer has also pointed out directors and the vast majority of ex-colleagues. Jorge Javier Vázquez for his part has not been spared from his attacks either, being branded a “dwarf psychopath” or “misogynistic abuser” for exercising “bullying” towards women.

In addition, Karmele Marchante has made very serious accusations against the magazine that he will have to prove. «There were drug races in bathrooms and dressing rooms, alcohol, uninformative lies, orders from the management to distort events for a larger audience. Nepotism. Loving inbreeding to place novi@s. Fights for publicity », she confessed months ago.

An extreme hatred towards what was his program that makes an eventual return totally impossible. “I’m not going to go back to ‘Sálvame’ or crazy. I hope that is clear. How awful. Frightening. No, no and no », she responded recently when it was rumored that there could be an approach to the program.

Well, now, Karmele Marchante has announced the publication of some memoirs that will go on sale in paper and digital format on November 17. “For me it has been a therapeutic book because I have told my life, from my childhood, without any type of censorship,” the television begins by assuring.

«Among its pages you will find family, political, love, journalistic, feminist, activist and adventurer issues (…) Its lines collect experiences, anecdotes, intrepid situations, disputes and very hard or happy moments of my life, but that I want to share freely, to that you really know me, without stereotypes, without clichés », he advances.

And he insists: «it is an intimate, personal, cathartic, funny, raw, sincere book, written without fear of what they will say, what they will think or how it will be received by horrendous people I have come across in my life». A lapidary phrase that confirms that there will be pages dedicated to what he suffered in ‘Save me’ and against his former teammates. “I say it loud and clear: I DO NOT SHUT UP,” he concludes.

The raw news of Karmele Marchante that will shake ‘Sálvame’: “I say it loud and clear”