The real Venom is in Absolute Carnage

Discover Absolute Carnagethe culmination of a years-long tale where Spider-Man’s former adversary, Venom, must face another wielder of the alien symbiote, the psychopath Cletus Kasady.

Carnage against the world

Gathering of heroes against Carnage

Even if you haven’t followed the beginnings of this saga, Absolute Carnage is very easy to read. The publisher Panini comics includes the prologue which presents us the origins of the killer. The first episode then begins with an introduction where Venom tells police everything that has happened recently. Deemed dead, Cletus Kasady, mass murderer under the alias Carnage, returns stronger, with new powers and a divine mission. For him, it is destined to eliminate all those who have carried a symbiote, an alien parasite. Alas, it is about most of the inhabitants of the Earth including superheroes like Deadpool, Captain Marvel or the Fantastic ones. Venom, then Spider-Man stand up against him but they have to find allies.

Absolute Carnage marks another revamp of Venom. This villain, now present at the movie theater, appeared as a supervillain in Spider-Man. Journalist whose lies were unmasked by Peter Parker, he seeks revenge. He then makes an alliance with the symbiote, an extraterrestrial having been the second dark skin of Spider-Man. In the recent series, he discovered that the symbiote is part of a god, Knull.

At the start of this volume, Eddie is at rock bottom. He is imprisoned and has broken free from his addiction with the symbiote to exist on his own. Carnage instead chooses to join a religion born of symbiotes.. His fragile mind went even deeper into madness. Indeed, the symbiote leaves a trace of its passage in the DNA and Carnage wants to recover all these codices to bring Knull. With each new absorption, Carnage grows more powerful and his victory seems inevitable.

Two promising artists

Carnage, a parasite-associated killer

Absolute Carnage is also a milestone for Donny Cates has become an essential creative force at Marvel. With this crossover, the screenwriter pays homage to the series which shook up his adolescence. He takes the opportunity to sort out the symbiotes that have continued to multiply since the 1990s. Indeed, the screenwriter accumulates the tracks by evoking the difficulties of fatherhood, the search for identity and how parasites prevent us from discovering our true selves.

The legendary designer of Spiderman and of Venom, Mark Bagley makes a few pages on a flashback. But Cates is mainly supported by the very promising Ryan Stegman. This very precise draftsman plunges us into the action with magnificent double-page spreads. Being in the recent tradition of Spider-Man artists, he uses ultra dynamic and curved shapes that sometimes look very Franco-Belgian. The contrast with the subject is therefore very successful and is accentuated by a darker work on the colorization.

Panini offers readers multiple editions. In the 100% Marvel collection, we find the free comics book day Spider-Man/Venom. Then the five episodes of the limited series Absolute Carnage which can be self-sufficient while the full version adds all the episodes of the Venom series, Amazing Spider-Man, the various mini-series but also new boards. However, even in the reduced edition, Panini includes many bonuses plus the usual alternate coverage with fake psychiatric reports, Eddie Brock’s interrogation and a Daily Buggle op-ed by JJ Jameson.

Absolute Carnage provides excellent reading pleasure with many twists and a fast pace while creating a dark atmosphere. Ryan Stegman’s drawing is just as engaging and dynamic. The action doesn’t stop until the penultimate page… You can also find the rest of this saga right now with King in Black about Knull’s landing on Earth.

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The real Venom is in Absolute Carnage – just focus