The revelations of the prosecutor who solved the case of a girl murdered by her brothers

On April 7, 1994, Colombia was horrified by the crime of a 6-year-old girl when she was going with her mother to her school on Park Way, in Bogotá. the body of Diana Marcela Caldas He was left in a fetal position after being shot in the face. while his mother Carmen Galan She was transferred from the emergency room to the Palermo Clinic, where she died 8 days later due to the bullet she received in the occipital region of her head.

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The murders were rejected and the authorities were asked to urgently solve the case. The prosecutionat that time headed by Gustavo de Greiff, was under pressure to find those responsible for the crime, in an investigation that lasted four months and was considered one of the entity’s first great successes.

To me, the doctor was a psychopath. In audiences he used to stare at you. He was a cold-eyed man. he impressed me

Gregorio Oviedo, the prosecutor who investigated the case, tells unknown details of how he decided that two of Diana Marcela’s half-brothers were the ones who determined the murders.

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How did you face Saúl Rodríguez, the perpetrator of the crime?

The hitman, who was alone, is captured by two police graduates whom he tried to kill in a chase on the pipe that is near Park Way.

That boy, at the time, was 18 years old. He introduced himself as Saúl Rodríguez. A couple of days later, I was assigned the investigation. It was a ‘chicharrón’, a difficult case.
In the investigation made by the Police, he said that he did not know where he was born, that he did not know who his parents were and that he had given the name as he identified himself. During the investigation, he said that he lived under the bridges and slept on the street, and a man arrived there who hired him for the murder.

Saúl Rodríguez, the murderer of the girl. Portrait disclosed when he was captured by the Police.

I asked to be left alone with the young man. I locked myself in my office. We had a chat for an hour and a half. It was a dissuasive talk, to give him confidence. I didn’t write down a single vowel on paper.

From that talk I learned that he had a sentimental partner, she gave me her name (Mery). I recorded it in my memory.

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What was the key piece to clarify the murder?

So my other hypothesis was that Carmen was putting pressure on the doctor because no one else in the family knew that secret.

The key piece was the card that Mery gave us, with the numbers and names that were there, it was possible to begin to establish the identities of the other people who were involved in the crime. Without those indications there was no way forward.

When he gave us the card, she said that he called that pair of numbers a lot, which were related to Luis Crisanto Vásquez, who was later established to be the brother of ‘Saúl’, and Óscar de Jesús Vallejo, whom he sought. the doctor Iván Raúl Caldas to commit the crime.

Later, with the captures, those indicated began to betray their accomplices.

How do you describe the doctor Iván Raúl Caldas?

To me, the doctor was a psychopath. In audiences he used to stare at you. He was a cold-eyed man. He impressed me. I was never able to unset it. His gaze was penetrating, cold. He never smiled.

When we captured him, because of his arrogance and status, I didn’t think he was captured. He always had an arrogant disposition.

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What was the motive for the crime?

José del Carmen Caldas had left a lot of money. When he dies, the first family begins to put pressure on the girl’s mother. They harassed her. They started by taking away her Mercedes Benz car and wanted to get her out of her apartment located on Park Way.

The older children did not love the girl and her mother at all. It was necessary to make the succession, but they had to count the girl.

The lawyer hired by the Caldas asked to reunite the family with the girl’s mother, who was the legal representative of the last heiress of José del Carmen.

Murder of Diana Marcela Caldas

This was the news from EL TIEMPO, published on April 8, about the murder of the girl Diana Marcela Caldas.

The idea was to reach a common agreement, but they did not achieve it at the meeting. They offered Diana Marcela’s mother a warehouse in the industrial zone, the Park Way apartment, the Mercedes car and 70 million cash. They were like 350 million pesos.

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However, she did not accept because the calculations she made was that one billion pesos corresponded to her. She considered that they were knocking her down. So she did not accept and a process was opened in the family court for the succession of the fortune.

I think that was the trigger for the crime. The old man, in addition to being a merchant, was a moneylender, a usurer. His son, the doctor Iván Raúl, had inherited that profession. What today is known as a kind of ‘drop by drop’. He told me during the investigation that he was a pediatrician and a lender at interest.

I think that was the trigger.

In his investigations he raised another hypothesis, what was it?

My other hypothesis, which I could not prove, is that after proving the participation of the Caldas and with everything judged, I spoke with relatives of that family and informed of the succession.

I told them I had a gut feeling, that I thought the girl was the doctor’s daughter and not the old man’s. Iván Raúl’s daughter was the same age as Diana Marcela and they were almost identical twins.

Diana Marcela Caldas

Diana Marcela Caldas, a girl murdered in 1994 one block from Park Way, in Bogotá.

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By the time Diana Marcela was conceived, the old José del Carmen was spending his time in Buenaventura and the businesses in Bogotá were in charge of Iván Raúl, among them a warehouse where Carmen worked.

The probate attorney looked at me, told me he would break professional secrecy, and told me he believed the same thing, too. However, there was no way to prove it.
So my other hypothesis was that Carmen was putting pressure on the doctor because no one else in the family knew that secret.

I think Carmen pressured him by telling him that he had to do everything possible so that the girl would be given what was due her or he would tell the truth: that the girl was the daughter of Iván Raúl.

Everything was used to kill two defenseless people. there was no planning

With that scenario, I think the doctor, desperate and ambitious, decided to kill them.

One day, many months later, I made an appointment with the doctor of that family. He told me that old Caldas had sexual impotence due to chronic diabetes, diseases that he already suffered from when Diana Marcela was conceived.

What struck you the most about the case?

The behavior of the Caldas was what most caught my attention.

When I listened to Armando (one of the 5 Caldas brothers), whom I ordered released after 6 days, he came out and his wife, a woman from Cali, was waiting for him.

He told me that he had nothing to do with it, but that he was scared. I told him that I couldn’t hold him because I had no evidence against him.

The woman told me: you were not wrong.

The Caldas came to the audiences, the mother (Sonia) took over the children, but Armando stood apart, he didn’t mix with them. Armando was killed, years later, in Cali.

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Diana Marcela Caldas

This is how EL TIEMPO covered the conviction of Iván Raúl Caldas, in 1998, for the death of his half-sister Diana Marcela Caldas.

From the investigation with Óscar de Jesús Vallejo, whose statements would confirm your investigation, what had an impact on you?

Óscar’s responses to the inquiry left me cold. I asked him if they had needed to plan the murder a lot.

He told me no, because everything was used to kill two defenseless people. There was no planning.

But he did tell me that the hitman Saúl (whose real name is Carlos Esaú Vásquez Veloza) was going to assassinate him that same day. He had summoned him to Suba so that there would be no trace of the crime. “The idea was to pay him in cash.” And he told me that he handed Oliveros over to me because he was looking for him to kill him and he couldn’t find him.

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The revelations of the prosecutor who solved the case of a girl murdered by her brothers