The sensual photos of Stefi Roitman posing naked in the shower

Stefi Roitmann He revolutionized his fans on Instagram with sensual photos from the shower. The artist shared three postcards and received, in a matter of seconds, thousands of compliments.

Stefi Roitmann She uploaded a series of images to her profile where she is seen posing naked in the shower and caused a furor. “Beautiful”, “Divine as always”, “Is this real?”, “You are art”, “The most goddess”, were some of the comments received by the artist.

Nude Stefi Roitman

Controversy over the video shared by Ricky Montaner of Stefi Roitman

At the beginning of June, Ricky Montaner caused controversy on the networks, after he shared a video of his wife in his Instagram stories, Stefi Roitmannwhile she was bathing.

Ricky Montaner posted a nude video of Stefi Roitman

The singer did not hesitate to share a black and white clip, in which the driver can be seen from behind in the shower, while taking a bath and spending a few minutes of this moment alone to pray. Ricky He accompanied the images with these words: “Praying while taking a bath and she doesn’t know I’m looking at her. Love you @stefroitman.”

Internet users did not stop protesting about the video of Ricky and several criticized the singer’s action: “Che, how horrible about Ricky Montaner. Yes, how is he going to take a picture of his wife in the shower and then upload it to social networks “;” as they see it, Ricky Montaner must be the sanest of the sect “;”the one who posts is Ricky Montaner son and that is the wife. And I imagine that since they live in networks, she will be pampered. It looks weird anyway“; “there is not a sane one in that family”; “very psycho Ricky Montaner with that video of the chabona praying in the shower“; “I thought it was Montaner Sr., it made it even more murky. Still, everything is very strange in that family”; “Ricky Montaner and Stefi Roitman, the calmest of the Montaner sect”; “and I was scared of my neighbor! Cloudier than that cloudy glassRicky Montaner…”.

The artist did not miss the criticism he read on the networks and used his stories to make a statement about it: “Do you know the census they do in the countries to count the number of people there are? I think they could do a census just by going into Twitter or Instagram DMs, to see the number of beautiful people there is, the amount of beautiful people but also see the number of stupid people out there, sneaking in from time to time“.

Likewise, Montaner added: “They could do a head count and say: ‘Look, there are so many chill people here and so many stupid people‘” In addition, referring to the controversial video he published of Stefi, Ricky said: “I’ll give you a little example then: Do you know the story I uploaded about my wife praying in the shower? A lot of people (wrote me): ‘Oh, it gave me goosebumps’, ‘how beautiful’, ‘how sweet they are’, ‘how beautiful’ and every now and then a message that says: ‘You shouldn’t film her in her intimate time with God’, ‘they are very toxic’… Go suck!“.

The artist and jury of “La Voz Argentina” (Telefe) concluded his defense with a resounding “now with that energy let’s start the day“.


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The sensual photos of Stefi Roitman posing naked in the shower