The strong disqualifications of José Luis Espert to Cristina Kirchner

The national deputy José Luis Espert was invited tonight to Business communitythe program hosted by José del Río for LN+, and issued harsh disqualifications about the vice president of the Nation, Cristina Kirchner.

First, he referred to the sentence in the case of road and the subsequent decision of the leader of the Frente de Todos to run in the 2023 elections. “I would not take what she said literally because it can change and I do not rule out that she has called for them to stand behind her so that she can be a candidate next year what’s coming,” he said. Later, he called it a “crazy woman” and one “psychopath” for his statements related to his defense in the Highway case. “Can you imagine living with this crazy woman within four walls?”, he raised.

Consulted on LN+ about the statements of the vice president after the TOF2 sentence of six years in prison, the national deputy for Avanza Libertad said: “She mixes everything up. Did Mauricio Marci excessively indebted us? Yeah, but what does that have to do with being a jet? It is not a defense of him, but you have to avoid mixing everything up like these psychopaths do.

And in this sense he recalled: “Magnetto and Clarín sat down to eat with them at the time that Néstor Kirchner was living, and they handed over Cablevisión and now, is it bad? If he is so innocent that he resigns now and is left without privileges ”.

José Luis Espert: “The only meaning of the government is the impunity of Cristina”

He also indicated that he denounced her criminally for “attacking democracy.” “She’s a psycho. I filed a criminal complaint against him for violating democracy. The right to resistance is the right that we Argentines have to resist attacks on democracy and Cristina has touched democracy, for example, when she violates the popular will to obtain a different composition in the Council of the Magistracy”.

Later he considered that, despite the differences that existed in the past, Alberto Fernández and Cristina managed to live together and added: “The meaning of Alberto’s government is impunity for all Kirchner actors and not just Cristina. Just like Macri’s was one: to make Kirchnerism not come back ”.

Later, he was consulted about the economic situation of the country and said that “The inflation number looks very bad” and that also “crime is at the top”, added to “the lack of projection of the families forward, their anxieties because the children want to leave” and that “You live badly and you are going to live worse next year.”

After that, he projected: “There will be a drop in economic activity, a recession in an election year and inflation of no less than 100% despite these months of ‘fair prices’”’. On the other hand, he did not rule out an increase in the dollar: ”There will be some exchange rate shock like the one we had in July of this year or in March/April 2018 because the amount of relevant money, including lelics, is growing at a speed of 100% yearly and on top of that, there will be a lack of harvests due to the drought”.

Next, he was asked about how he links the economic crisis with the elections and spoke about his candidacy for governor of the province of Buenos Aires. “What I pray is that the candidates for president say clearly what they are going to do if they are elected because people are hurt by the lies of politics in general, and empty promises.“, said.

José Luis Espert: “To lower taxes you have to shrink the state”

On whether he would enlist on the ballot under Javier Milei as president, he assured: “I was clear on November 4: I launched my government program with a short ticket, we will be ‘hanging’ from that presidential ticket that is a guarantor of the transformation that the people of Buenos Aires are waiting for a governor to do for the province. The one who is clear about the struggles that must be faced in terms of security, economics and education”.

Under this criterion, he referred to his management as governor of Axel Kicillof: “He is useless and his management is terrible, but since he does not fight with anyone, he is more or less well regarded and measures between 28% and 30%, but he has not solved a single conflict, and today the suburbs are hell and insecurity is worse than ever”. And he concluded: “He speaks little and does not generate conflicts, It is not an Aníbal Fernández or a Cristina, but it is a difficult animal to win in the Province”.

Espert insists that the way to control the deficit is through tax cuts. “They are not going to reduce taxes because they are not going to do what it takes to do it: reduce the size of the State. You will never lower them if you don’t reduce it“, held.

Asked about the incorporation to a fixed plant of a large number of employees in the provincial state, the national deputy mentioned that “the only function of the State is to be a factory that transforms taxes into services for society and does not generate jobs.” “All community services, public goods, everything else that is above must be cut“He indicated and added:” The permanent plant must be fired, they will be compensated, but there is no argument to have the employment plant of the Province.

On the other hand, he opined that he does not give up Kirchnerism for the 2023 elections: “I competed a lot in my life, and in sports you learn that victory is not claimed before the game, it is spoken on the field. Here I say the same It seems that Kirchnerism lost, but I would not consider that Kirchnerism lost next year’s election.

Finally, he stressed that “Kirchnerism is a social psychopathology” and that “the leader is a psychopath who builds the necessary stories to accommodate all circumstances and makes you do things that one would not do. Alberto, I don’t know if he would do some of the things he does if he didn’t have a psychopath behind him”.


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The strong disqualifications of José Luis Espert to Cristina Kirchner