The Tell

There is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe called The Tell-Tale Heart. In that story, a murderer hides the body of his victim under the floor of his house, but he continues to hear his heart beating, an effect produced by his remorse and which ultimately makes him confess to the police. Given García-Gallardo’s misogynistic and empathetic record, I can only think that when he wants to impose the heartbeat of babies on women who decide to terminate their pregnancies, he does so with the intention of instilling maddening remorse in them. ; treat them as potential killers.

This seems clumsy and cruel because it is, but I would like us not to lose detail to the statements by the mayor of Madrid, Almeida, defending the measure against the criteria of the president, also of the PP, of Castilla y León, among other things because there are to fight against depopulation in the area. For Almeida, women are mere parturients who must sacrifice themselves for the common good, and depopulation is cured by giving birth, not with measures of territorial and migratory structuring. Almeida is a psychopathic doll in perpetual competition with Ayuso’s psychopathic doll, and both observe to the mammals whose votes they need to try to guess what their needs and feelings are, but always with embarrassing results even for their own. “I gave your kids pizza, motherfuckers, or are you going to tell me that kids don’t like pizza?” “Do you want gardens? Well, we put them on the wall of the road, which, total, are still gardens ».

If we had the sound of the heart of all the elderly who died without medical assistance in residences in Madrid during the pandemic, we should put it on the public address system of the Madrid Assembly one minute before each intervention by Ayuso.

In The Tell-Tale Heart, the motive for the crime is a simple aesthetic phobia, transformed into an obsession, that the protagonist feels towards the diseased eye of the old man with whom he lives, which he calls “vulture eye”. That disgust, fear and hatred of those who suffer, those who need help, the sick, that facet of absolute weakness and negligence that the fascist mind also possesses, that primary prejudice, has occupied space in the political debate in our country since the reaction decided that it was necessary to go with everything against the social movement, which had become a political movement, which wanted to turn the tables and for fear to change sides. During the bipartisanship, true power had not needed to go that far, because the PSOE governing was a lesser evil, if not a different business opportunity, and nothing changed much compared to when it was the turn of the PP to govern. But now they need a virulent social reaction that comes out of their guts and balls, they need millions of people who, instead of helping the old man with the diseased eye, feel threatened by a vulture’s eye.

Some of you who read me are consenting little by little. You allow a brutalized and disgusting image of feminists and lesbians to be represented, to be represented on the left as lousy or rats, you allow the dehumanization of immigrants and that normal unease towards change turns into panic. You allow them to make you feel surrounded by vulture eyes and to convince you that women who decide to terminate their pregnancy are murderers, and what do murderers deserve? But it is you, the ones hypnotized by fury, who will end up opening the door to true terror, and then, in the patience of the night, you will hear from the ground “boom, boom, boom, boom,” but you will have no one to confess to. .

The Tell-Tale Heart