The White Lotus season 2: who is the killer?

Spiller seems innocent enough, but he also has a lot of secrets and is hiding things from his wife (like the fact that he and Cameron went out to party with two prostitutes at the hotel), so it’s likely that he could become the killer to continue. keeping their secrets, although it could be accidentally.

mine and lucia

Beatrice Granno and Sima Tabasco They are two friends who intend to take advantage of the rich guests of the White Lotus in Sicily. They are local and work as prostitutes (Lucia takes Mia to that world) and with that they run into almost all the characters.

Mia already had an incident in which case accidentally kills the hotel pianist with drugs, so without a doubt the dead bodies found in the hotel could be the result of a “party” gone wrong, where the two are involved. Being two of them, they have a better chance of throwing the bodies into the sea without being detected, and their lack of experience could be the reason why they are found.

albie digrasso

Adam DiMarco he plays a student who travels with his grandfather and father, in order to discover his Sicilian roots, but for him this journey is fraught with problems.

We don’t know who the bodies turned up are, but it’s possible that Albie, in his desperation (and frustration that Portia ignores him) ends up doing something with dire consequences, affecting primarily his father and grandfather, or even the man who he stole Portia’s attention.


Haley Lu Richardson She is the personal assistant of Jennifer Coolidge’s character, who orders her not to leave her room and to stay hidden so her husband doesn’t see her.

Portia is frustrated with her life, she’s under a lot of pressure from her boss and she wants to have a great adventure, and this could end in tragedy and death. Portia has the potential to accidentally kill someone and those floating bodies could be the result of her (and could be her lover from her vacation and the men who brought him to the hotel).

Harper Spiller

Interpreted by aubrey square, Harper is a lawyer who helps people fight their abusive bosses. She is dating Ethan and clearly has no desire to befriend Cameron and Daphne.

Harper is also frustrated with her situation and it is that desperation that could drive her to murder, although in reality she is one of the most stable characters and she is intelligent, so she would not commit such a careless crime.


Sabrina Impacciatore plays the manager of the White Lotuswho is determined that everything is perfect and that her employees stay in order at all times.

Valentina is clearly under a lot of pressure and is somewhat intense and aggressive in her work, but the hotel is what matters most to her so it is unlikely that she is to blame for the murders, especially since she was genuinely shocked to find out that I had passed it. Although she also has a psychopathic side to her and cares more about the image of the hotel than about the guests or employees, and that could push her to do something crazy.

The White Lotus season 2: who is the killer?