There are those who descend from the worm…

It is clear that not all of us descend from Adam and Eve, there are those who descend from the worm that was in the apple. Most are born, so having no feelings, they have no motivation to change, a few are made; and they only stop ruining other people’s lives when they’re old and lazy. If a close friend or person from the environment, a co-worker, or her partner, may be a psychopath, we must be aware, and put the means so that it does not ruin his life. It is best to abandon it.

The government’s electoral or propaganda pre-campaign has begun, for this they have allocated 55 million euros. It is shocking to see that in the first place they are still interested in the electoral mass of those minors who no longer make an effort to approve, or to protect themselves from a pregnancy or to clarify their identity crisis, ores aside. The more foolish they come of age, the better, and since they are not capable of discerning who is the best for their future, they give them 400 euros to allocate in the culture that they are told. Pig pond philosophy.

To this we add the Law of Democratic Memory before which any historian should jump. But since the profession is so reviled and if you don’t write to the sound of the one in charge you don’t raise your head, nobody protests. In any case, the great historians are dying and are being pushed aside. Paco Vázquez, pro-socialist and former mayor of La Coruña, as well as ambassador to the Holy See and senator, has withdrawn from the party. According to this, it is more serious than what is happening in Catalonia, it is the greatest manifestation of totalitarianism that we can attend, since it always begins by manipulating history, they have returned us to both Spains.

Liars with stones regarding the war in Ukraine, the Russian embassy in Madrid points out that Spain has doubled its imports from Russia, it seems that we are learning to say thank you Antonio in Russian. The lowering of the price of the crime of sedition for ERC has opened the ban. Otegi is not satisfied with the approach of prisoners, he wants them out. At the end Puigdemont assures that they have met with him so that he returns as a hero.

Adding to the uncertainty, it seems that carriers are going to call an indefinite general strike, ahead of Christmas, against the government, this time more forceful than the strikes in March. Farmers and ranchers could join these mobilizations. We already know that the unions are bought and are inoperative. It is time for someone to act in the face of the ruin that lies in wait for us. For a country to prosper, the economy must be sustainable in the sense that we cannot get into debt thinking that another will come. They have clearly manipulated the economic data, they have falsified the growth figures, they have been unable to execute European funds, they have triggered public spending, they have crushed the classes that rise up to work for taxes, as a result they have ruined us.

Immigration is not the same as crime but illegal immigration and the ores are. They are paid to sustain violence and crime that is not and has not been normal in Spain. We are going to bed thinking about how many machetes and dead we will wake up in the morning. Imported crime has to end. Our streets are not battlefields for foreign gangs or Moors or Sub-Saharans. The Spanish must decide. That politicians close their eyes to the citizen insecurity caused by overflowing illegal immigration, is absolutely irresponsible that we are beginning to pay and our children will pay handsomely. In Barcelona they kill a boy, you see videos of the poor boy bleeding to death in the street. This news open the news for weeks, is a life. The weekend has not stopped being tragic. Who has normalized violent deaths, when have we desensitized ourselves, how can we live like this in exchange for a few votes? The reality is that it is enough of speeches against white men while the sons of Africa rape women and girls in Spain and Europe, attack and kill. We have not worked a lifetime to tolerate the intolerable.

The rabble that is rising to power in South America is amazing. Lula, who is nothing more than soup, a judged criminal, Boric, a crazy being, AMLO, a deranged person, Petro, a terrorist, the Argentine Peronists, a gang of thugs, and the senile Biden, who is getting us into a thousand and one conflicts, would say even more. armed without knowing Globalism that is made with 70 percent propaganda and 30 percent electronic rigging. Tremendous.

Religious persecution does not stop here, where Catholics seem to be asleep, or in Nigeria, where in 2021 4,650 Christians have been murdered for their faith. Last week they murdered 70 who have run into media silence. The images circulate on the internet. One more aberration of NOM that preaches its new secular religion that leads us to the greatest of failures in favor of the greatest of the selfishness of a few.

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There are those who descend from the worm…