They denounced Fabián Tablado, the femicide of the 113 stab wounds, for gender violence: “A psychopath is not cured, he is born and dies a psychopath”

“A psychopath is not cured, he is born and dies a psychopath.” The forceful sentence is from Edgardo Aló, father of Carolina, the teenager stabbed to death 113 times in 1996 by Fabián Tablado. He said it after the new complaint of gender-based violence against the murderer of his daughter was known this Monday.

It happened in Belle Ville, Córdoba, where Tablado lived with his girlfriend and the girl’s family despite being separated. According to judicial sources consulted by Infobae, the femicide was going to continue living with her ex until August 8 when she would move to San Clemente del Tuyú, in the province of Buenos Aires.

For this reason, after the complaint of gender violence, an exclusion from the home was decided and the Justice sent him to live in a hotel.

The new complaint against Tablado (46) was made last Friday, not by his partner, but by his neighbors, who claimed to have heard a “strong discussion.” It happened at the address located in the block of Pasaje Tosollini at 1100, in Bell Ville, where he has lived since last January.

“Screams” and a “strong discussion” were heard, so the neighbors, knowing that Tablado lives there, fearing for the young woman -her identity is protected-, asked a patrol car to approach.

“The police went to the house and was attended by the girl, who said that they had argued, but denied a situation of violence. She even told them that fights are frequent because they continue to live together despite being separated in fact. He said that Tablado does not do anything with his life and that this generates friction,” detailed the sources of the case.

The girl also told the authorities that everything will end on August 8 with the move. The same was said by the young woman’s mother. The truth is that the Bell Ville 1st Nomination Prosecutor’s Office initially intervened in the case, in charge of Nicolás Gambini, who, following the advice of the psychologists, decided to exclude Tablado from the home and take him to a hotel preventively.

However, according to the Télam news agency reported this Monday that the case had already been referred to Judge Noelia Azcona, of the Court for Children, Youth, Family and Gender Violence of the city of Bell Ville, who ordered the restriction of the approach of Tablado to the young woman and also assigned a police custody at home.

Judge Azcona will summon the young woman in the next few days to ask her again about what happened and to find out whether or not she is going to initiate criminal action, since, as it is a private crime, if the alleged victim does not file a complaint, the cause cannot be advanced.

In parallel, other judicial sources confirmed to Télam that Tablado had already requested permission two weeks ago before the Family Court No. 5 of Tigre to change his address and move from August 13 to a home of his family located in the town of San Clemente del Tuyú, in the La Costa district of Buenos Aires.

Despite the fact that Tablado has already served all his sentences in criminal cases, the Family Court No. 5 of Tigre monitors him with an electronic anklet so that he complies with the prohibition of approach that was imposed on him with Edgardo Aló, Carolina’s father.

“Actually, the news does not surprise me. It was all a matter of time,” Aló told Télam, when asked about the incident that Tablado had in the Cordoba town of Bell Ville. “I hope this makes the judges aware. A psychopath is not cured. A psychopath is born and dies,” he said.

“I hope the judges who release murderers for free beyond the cold letter of a code are judged, and are held responsible for setting them free and for the deaths they cause,” added Carolina’s father and stated that “Tablado is a femicide that he would have to be imprisoned with life imprisonment plus ancillary for an indefinite period and corruption gave him the wrong ticket at the risk of more deaths being free”.

On December 15, Tablado regained his freedom upon leaving Unit 46 of the San Martín Penitentiary Complex, after serving a year in effective prison after being sentenced in a trial for two acts of “disobedience”, for having raped in 2020 two perimeters that he had with his twin daughters and with Aló father.

When he was 20 years old, Tablado was the protagonist of one of the most resonant police cases in Argentine criminal history when on May 27, 1996 he murdered his girlfriend Carolina Aló (17) with 113 stab wounds, in his house at 348 Albarellos street in Tiger. In 1998 he was sentenced by the San Isidro justice to 24 years in prison for “simple homicide” and avoided life, and in 2013, the femicide added the second sentence for threatening his ex-wife -whom he married in prison- , and his former mother-in-law, and a single sentence of 26 years and six months was unified that was to run out at the end of 2022.

Due to the benefit of the repealed “2×1” Law and the courses he took in prison as an “educational stimulus”, the calculation of his sentence was reduced and the sentence ended on February 28, 2020, when he left prison. Unit 21 of Campana and went to live in the same house in Tigre where he committed the femicide, after which he violated the perimeter fences that took him to prison for another year.


They denounced Fabián Tablado, the femicide of the 113 stab wounds, for gender violence: “A psychopath is not cured, he is born and dies a psychopath”