They dismantled a gang that was dedicated to the sale of cocaine and marijuana in Bermúdez | 11NOTICIAS.COM

Federal agents from the Rosario Anti-Drug Division dismantled a drug-criminal organization dedicated to the sale of cocaine and marijuana in the city of Capitán Bermúdez, as part of an investigation that began in May by order of the Rosario Federal Prosecutor’s Office No. Dr. Adriana Saccone.

After several field tasks, it was detected that a man nicknamed “The psycho” He supplied cocaine to two other members of the gang in the area. With the evolution of the investigations, it was also established that they used facade of a mini-market located in a private home in the Villa Margarita neighborhoodwhere they set up a complex “In door” type nursery, for the planting and cultivation of marijuana flowers that were later distributed as a “delivery”.

With the evidence provided by the detectives, the Federal Court of Rosario No. 3 in charge of Dr. Carlos Vera Barros, ordered a total of three raids, all in the same neighborhood in the north of the city, where the arrest of three men and the seizure of 328 doses of marijuana; 110 doses of cocaine; 9 Cannabis Sativa seedlings, and an “In door” nursery.

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They also confiscated a revolver caliber 38 special; two 9mm caliber pistols; 230 ammunition of different calibers; 80,000 pesos; three cars; a motorcycle; a precision scale and four cell phones.

It should be noted that the detainees, all of legal age, were placed at the disposal of the intervening court for infraction of the Drug Law.


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They dismantled a gang that was dedicated to the sale of cocaine and marijuana in Bermúdez | 11NOTICIAS.COM