They identify the murderer of the dead official in Elche and of a man in Los Montesinos

The National Police and the Civil Guard have identified Nikolay T., a 26-year-old Russian citizen diagnosed as schizophrenic and that he is confined in a psychiatric center in Smolensk (for a murder for which he was declared incompetent due to this mental illness), as the alleged perpetrator of the murders of Alicia, the Justice official 45 years old from Elche, whose body appeared on November 6, 2020 in a ditch in the district of La Hoya, and that of a 66 year old farmer what was it slain two months earlier, on August 11, in The Montesinos. As confirmed by Interior sources, after strangling Alicia fled to Russia a few days later and there he was subsequently arrested for killing another person. In addition to the two murders carried out in Elche and Los Montesinos, the identified suspect almost stabbed a woman to death in Torrevieja on July 16, 2020, that is, four weeks before murdering the farmer, whom he stabbed a dozen times. and died practically beheaded. Precisely, the frustrated crime of Torrevieja is what has allowed her identification.

Alice went strangled from behind while walking his dog on the afternoon of November 6, 2020 in the district of La Hoya and a neighbor found his body in a ditch next to a field of orange trees. Genetic samples collected by the National Police on Alice’s dog leash They have allowed the alleged murderer to be discovered after verifying that the same DNA had been found by the Civil Guard in a crime committed three months earlier in Los Montesinos. A farmer was savagely stabbed to death by the now identified alleged psychopath. His DNA was collected from a few drops of blood but since there was no name and surname, it was included in the databases. The DNA match between the two murders jumped almost two years ago when Alicia’s crime was being investigated. Then a long silence began because the investigators agreed that she was a serial killer, but that she chose her victims at random and unrelated, which complicated the investigations.


From this discovery, the Homicide Group of the Alicante Civil Guard and the Specialized and Violent Crime Unit (UDEV) of the Elche National Police they joined forces to track down the killer before he struck again. The Judicial Police General Commissioner also joined the investigations.

This past summer, images of the alleged perpetrator of an attempted murder of a woman in July 2020 in Torrevieja were released. It happened on July 16, 2020 on San Pascual street in Torrevieja, the Civil Guard and the National Police requested last July the citizen collaboration to identify the alleged aggressor and released images of the suspect. The man attacked with a knife a 58-year-old woman who was cleaning inside the portal of a building and he did not die thanks to a neighbor hearing the screams and coming to his aidprompting the suspect to flee.

The alleged serial killer after the attack in Torrevieja.

The dissemination of the images captured by security cameras of the Torrevieja street where the attack occurred allowed the Security Forces to receive an anonymous call in which a friend of the aggressor gave the serial killer his first and last name.

Confined in Russia

It was a young Russian who, shortly after killing Alicia, returned to Russia, where he continued his crime escalation and was imprisoned after committing a new murder. The investigators consider that the murderer of the official and the farmer chose his victims at random.

Caucasian in appearance, 1.75 meters tall and with shaved hair, Nikolay grew up in Spain with his family. His mother sells houses in the south of the province. He speaks perfect Spanish but had to return to his country to do his military service. He came back changed and started using drugs and alcohol. For almost four years he lived in a rented house in La Hoya and moved by bicycle, just over two kilometers from where the official’s crime occurred. An international application will now begin to be prepared for your move to Spain.

They identify the murderer of the dead official in Elche and of a man in Los Montesinos