They mistook him for a rapist and after 4 years his ordeal ends

Carlos Alberto Ramírez Viveros (34), recently dismissed by the Court in several cases of sexual coercion that he was accused of until the real perpetrator fell, harshly questioned the San Lorenzo prosecutor, Gerardo Mosqueira, for having harmed his name and honor by not exonerate him at the time. He also criticized some media outlets for directly accusing him of being responsible for the events, without taking into account the presumption of innocence.

“What I have come to clarify is that I was unfairly accused in those cases and all the written, digital and television press accused me of being the serial rapist or sexual psychopath. Thank God it was shown that I was not and the person responsible for these events is currently serving a sentence of 30 years in prison plus 10 as a security measure,” he clarified. Carlos Alberto Ramirez Viveroswho had been arrested in 2018 in San Lorenzo, on suspicion of be involved in several serial rape cases.

“Prosecutor Gerardo Mosqueira, from Penal Unit No. 5 of San Lorenzo, already having all the documents that show that I did not participate in the events that involved me, he still decided to continue with the process. It stained my honor and my last name and I need the public to know that I was not that person and that I do not need to do that with any woman, “questioned the affected person.

The young man also criticized the position of some written, digital and television media outlets that categorically accused him of being responsible for the facts accused of, regardless of the presumption of innocence.

In addition, he questioned the investigative police agents who arrested him without explaining the reason and who physically mistreated him, despite not putting up any resistance.

“There were media outlets that stated exhaustively that I was the serial rapist and at no time was the assumption made. One should find out first before accusing. When the Investigation agents stopped me five blocks from my parents’ house, without any police badge or paper in hand, they garroted me and put me in a vehicle. They also notified my father late, ”he maintained.

the professor doctor Pedro Gamarra Doldanlawyer for Carlos Alberto Ramírez Viveros, was also very critical of prosecutor Gerardo Mosqueira for continuing the process against his client and not dismissing it at the time.

“I have been practicing my profession for many years and I have rarely seen an abuse of fiscal rank as in this case. I do not disturb nor can I disagree at all with the fact that every person at a given moment that there is a fact is subjected to an investigation and so on. But I was scared by the publicity for several days that the person’s face was given close-up and without facial protection because it was only a presumption, ”Gamarra stressed.

“When Ramírez Viveros he was 30 years old he was arrested and submitted to the process. Six months later, it had been established who was responsible for one of those acts of sexual coercion and we ask that he be exonerated. But he did not grant us because he said that there were other investigations to be carried out, despite the fact that the judge clarified that there was already a confessed perpetrator, ”he explained.

The lawyer pointed out that the judge urged for a resolution to the prosecutor Mosqueira to put an end to that state of inequality, but he let the deadlines pass simply so that this matter could be finished. He indicated that during that time He lost his university studies.

They mistook him for a rapist and after 4 years his ordeal ends – Police – ABC Color