They will call Francisco Pachelo, the brother of the accused of killing María Marta, to testify

The judges who make up the court that judges Nicolás Pachelo as the main accused of murdering María Marta García Belsunce accepted at today’s hearing that one of the brothers of the former Carmel neighbor be called to testifyafter two witnesses said that he had confessed to them that the accused was the author of the sociologist’s crime.

The Oral Criminal Court (TOC) 4 of San Isidro resolved “unanimously” to give rise to the request that the prosecution had made last week after the declaration of Michael Taylor, who joined the testimony of John Hurtigbrother of Maria Marta.

The doubts about the possible citation of Francisco Pachelo arose because there is an article of the Criminal Procedure Code, 242, which prohibits “testifying against the accusedunder penalty of annulment, his spouse, ascendants, descendants or siblings, unless the crime appears to have been committed to the detriment of the witness or a relative of his or her degree equal to or closer than the one that links him or her to the accused.

Nevertheless, the judges accepted the request of the prosecution for Francisco Pachelo to appear at the trial and testify as a witness.

«The court unanimously accepts the testimony of Francisco Pachelo. Bring it whenever you want, “said Judge Federico Ecke, after a fourth intermission in the 20th. debate audience.

Both witnesses had indicated before Judges Ecke, Osvaldo Rossi and Esteban Andrejin that, in different years, Francisco Pachelo had confessed to them that his brother Nicolás was the one who shot the 50-year-old sociologist six times on October 27, 2002.

At the hearing on August 17, Hurtig told the court that the contact he had with Pachelo’s brother, named Francisco, occurred after an interview he gave with the journalist Jorge Lanata months after his sister’s crime.

«We met in a coffee shop on Córdoba Avenue. I didn’t know Francisco, so he saw me and said, ‘Look, I’m not like my brother, I want to tell you that my brother killed your sister,'” Hurtig said.

María Marta’s brother recalled that he asked him to testify at the prosecutor’s office before the prosecutor who was in charge of the investigation, Diego Molina Pico, but Francisco Pachelo replied: «It won’t help you because I’m the brother and I’m also terrified of him.”

«Nicolás was with a pistol (caliber) .32 long days before the murder of your sister in the tosquera (of Pilar), shooting, “added Pachelo, referring to the family business that the Pachelo family owned in that Buenos Aires party, according to Hurtig.

«The laborer told him that Nicolás went to look for him, they went to buy 10 long .32 caliber bullets from an aviary. They went back to the tosquera, he took a gun out of the glove compartment, fired three or four shots and told the laborer that he was going to give him the gun later, “he recalled.

On the other hand, michael taylorson of the marriage of Enrique Taylor and Nora Burgues and godson of Carlos Carrascosa, assured that, through mutual friends, she met Francisco, fruit of the couple of Roberto Pachelo and Jacqueline Barbará.

“He told me that Nicolás killed María Marta and that his father too”

«He told me María Marta was killed by Nicolás and that his father too, and they had no deal. When they worked together in the tosquera (of Pilar), Francisco walked with custody and told Nicolás ‘Chucky’, “said Taylor.

The witness added that Francisco assured him that «If they knew him (Nicolas) they would know it was him (the murderer of María Marta), that people like him there is one in 40 million and that he is a psychopath ».

“Everyone who knows him thinks it was him because of how he is because of how his whole life was. He is not a barefoot Carmelite who once stole some golf clubs, he is a criminal and his whole life was like that, “said Taylor, who Pachelo’s younger brother confessed to him.

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They will call Francisco Pachelo, the brother of the accused of killing María Marta, to testify