This is the criminal profile of alias ‘JR’, according to the SNAI

Junior Roldán, alias ‘JR’, does not present psychopathological alterations, despite the murder sentences against him, says the report of the Service for Attention to Persons Deprived of Liberty.

Junior Roldan, aka ‘JR’, He has been recognized by the authorities as one of the two leaders of the criminal gang Los Choneros, a position he assumed with blood and fire after the murder of José Luis Zambrano, alias ‘Rasquiña’.

The prison massacres that occurred at the beginning of 2021 were the consequence of this power dispute, when criminal gangs, allied to The Chonerosthey did not agree that alias ‘JR’ should assume the leadership of the organizations.

In the Prosecutor’s Office, Roldán has 11 complaints for murder and in three of those cases he has been sentenced. Another three for organized crime, one for extortion and two for damage to another’s property.

However, the Criminal Proclivity Report made by the Diagnostic Commission of the Guayas Regional Jail positively evaluated the prisoner Junior Roldán.

Something that calls the attention of the psychologist and forensic expert, Segundo Romero, because a person “who has been a repeat offender in crimes, have an antisocial disorder or psychopathic traits”, as is the case of alias ‘JR’.

According to Romero, “these psychopathic traits are found by those people who are always breaking the law, they are mythomaniacs, they like to appropriate things, manipulators, they like to use a double facade before society.”

The evaluation carried out by the SNAI assessed the criminal personality of alias ‘JR’ based on the following factors:

  • Legal Logic +1; that is to say, “that he has legal knowledge, that he knows how to differentiate between what is good and bad”, analyzes Romero, and clarifies that “the psychopath knows it, but he has no remorse”.
  • personality +1; He doesn’t have any personality disorder.
  • Criminodynamics -1, refers to the relationship that the prisoner has with the crime, the biological, social or psychological factors that influence an individual when committing a crime. “And he was evaluated with -1, which I deduce is positive for his file, that is, he is no longer related to the crimes he committed, that his mind is not focused on situations of violence,” Romero says.
  • Victimological Influence -1“that is, he has not had a relationship with the victims he harmed,” he adds.
  • Social Reaction -1analyzes his behavior with society.
  • Adaptation +1, who is an adaptable person, “but the behavior of psychopaths makes them adapt. Even if they are uncomfortable, they adapt. Because they know that it is the consequence of their own actions, they know what they are doing, they enjoy it, but they have no remorse”, explains Romero.

The conclusion of the SNAI is that “the person deprived of liberty has medium criminal danger at the time of committing a crime.

And in less than two months later, Roldán was classified as a prisoner of minimal danger, according to the report, because “he has carried out the treatment axes, including mental health activities.”

This was signed by Aminta Loor, from Social Work; the clinical psychologist, Samuel Gaibor, and Marlen Loor Mero, from the Legal Department of the Guayaquil Regional Prison.

The forensic psychologist considers that there are irregularities in the evaluation of the SNAI, because it agrees with the prison situation of alias ‘JR’.

So that the police can carry out control operations in the Regional jailwhere the leaders of The Choneros have privilegesThey must do so with a significant contingent of elite and military groups.

This was also corroborated eight months ago by members of the Prison Pacification Commission who met with alias ‘JR’, who described that for the meeting they had to go through the security controls established by the prisoner himself.

They also found all kinds of weapons and talked about the crimes of corruption that take place in jail, where the gangs they have paid up to USD 1 million to bring in weapons.

However, the psychological report presented by the SNAI on alias ‘JR’, and on which no ruling has been made, also concludes that “is thoughtful about crime for which he was accused and does not present psychopathological alterations.”

“That is impossible, even due to the impact of living through the massacres in prisons, a person cannot change in such a short time. If he manages to rehabilitate, it will be after a treatment that would last for years and away from that criminal environment, ”explains Romero.

And so it happened. Alias ​​’JR’ was arrested four hours after having obtained his pre-releasewhen he was in a caravan of 10 vehicles with his escorts, who carried sophisticated weapons and grenades, one of which was thrown at the police officers who carried out the operation.

This is the criminal profile of alias ‘JR’, according to the SNAI