This was Daniel Camargo: one of the most reckless serial killers who passed through Ecuador

Daniel Camargo Barbosabetter known as ‘The Sadist of the Puddle’, was one of the bloodiest serial killers of the 1970s and 1990s. He confessed that killed 71 girls and womenbut it is believed that there were more than 150 both in Ecuador as in his native Colombia. She escaped from a prison surrounded by sharks, but she was not spared revenge.

The story of this psychopath begins in Anolaima, a Colombian municipality in the department of Cundinamarca. On January 22, 1930, the world welcomed the also known as ‘Monster of the Mangroves’. His traumas began practically since he was born because he lost his mother when he was one year old.

The stepmother hit with a leather whip and there are even those who claim that he was forced to dress like a girl to go to school. At the age of 12 he studied at the Colegio Salesiano San Juan Bosco in Bogotá. Soon after, he ran away from the campus on a whim and dedicated himself to working as a sales agent.

Another trauma that marked his turbulent childhood was caused by his father, who gave him a piggy bank to save, which he did by sacrificing treats and entertainment. But one day, her father made the piggy bank disappear, which later appeared without money.

“My father was a man with possibilities, he had no reason to steal from a child, his own son”lament Daniel Camargo in an exclusive Vistazo report.

He commented that from that moment he felt hatred against his father and stepmother, he felt the same for his sister, “because they always preferred her in everything.” Her sister also had a tragic life, because she was raped by the Anolaima priest, as a result of the aggression she had a daughter.

During his adolescence it was easy for him to conquer women. He had a fluent verb and an innocent gesture. At the age of 23 he joined Alcira Castillo with whom he lived for seven years and had two children. One is called Jairo, the other is not known because she preferred not to remember him.

Soon a new misadventure arrived: he found his wife with another man. Daniel left home never to return. At 31 or 32 years old he met the love of his life: Hopewho worked at the Bank of the Republic.

Daniel was suspicious. His girlfriend, from whom he asked for her hand, kissed him with unusual passion and this aroused doubts in him. He thought she was a virgin and when she found out she wasn’t she was disappointed. “You did not give me your virginity, you will have to give it to me through another woman”, reproached him.

At first she refused, but later agreed to comply with his requests. Esperanza, who was also raped, became her accomplice in the first crimes committed by Daniel.


The first victim was a 13-year-old girl. Daniel and his girlfriend gave them a drink sodium seconal (tranquillizer used before surgery). The same operation was carried out with eight or nine minors, all of them virgins. One of the victims denounced him and the two were sentenced, she to two years and he to six.

At the age of five he was released for good behavior and dedicated himself to commerce, but returned to his adventures. He told a young woman to accompany him to give money to an evangelical pastor and proceeded to rape and strangle her. This excuse would be the one he would apply to his next victims.

He then returned to prison in Barranquilla and Bogotá, spending around three years before being sent to the prison of the gorgon island. He had a sentence of 25 years in prison.

Already on the island, which was said to be surrounded by sharks, he dedicated himself to helping in the library. He was planning his escape, studying how to build boats and the movement of air currents. On November 23, 1984, he escaped from prison.

According to a Vistazo report, the subject escaped with a diving suit and special fins for his feet. He managed to get underwater to the jetty or dock, where every week he anchored the boat in charge of carrying food, mail and personnel from the island. He got on the small boat and thus reached the mainland.

After various incidents, he arrived in Ecuador, while in Colombia they declared him dead.


In December 1984, Camargo entered Tulcán, then moved to Quito and settled in Guayaquil. In the main port he walked the streets selling pens. His first home was the vacant market stalls.

There he befriended a drunk, who took him to Quevedo. Camargo began a new series of murders. He caught a girl of nine or ten years old, using the same story that she accompanied him to leave money to an evangelical pastor.

Then he returned to Guayaquil and continued with his misdeeds. He went out to the streets to sell trinkets. The women who approached were involved in his deception. Some bodies were left in the Los Ceibos Hills. Camargo also accepted that between kilometer 10 and the population of Nobol corpses were scattered.

He was an old practitioner of witchcraft, sorcery and the arts related to hypnotism. When he encountered opposition to his desires, he used his knowledge of hypnosis.

In some cases, they called the relatives of the disappeared to demand the delivery of money for their ransom.

The crimes spread to Machala and Quito, where he was captured in the Granados Avenue. The psychopath was carrying a briefcase with bloody clothes from his latest victim.

In 1986 he was sentenced to 16 years in prison, the maximum sentence at the time. ‘El Sádico del Charquito’ confessed that he killed 71 victims, after receiving electric shocks in your testicles. But currently it is known that this number would exceed 150 women and girls between Colombia and Ecuador, according to reports Infobae.


Old, skinny, with sparse hair and deep receding hairlines, short, poorly dressed, for whom no one would give a sucre in his capacity as a dangerous murderer. This is how Daniel Camargo was perceived when he was already in jail. Vistazo had access to an interview with the serial killer, who He said he was not sorry for his actions.

“If the Colombian authorities had carried out an adequate treatment for me instead of sending me to the island of Gorgona, rest assured that all the victims of my acts in Ecuador would have been saved, without us being here talking,” he argued. .

He added that he acted on instinct and that he knew his victims by different details. The blonde, the nurse, the white one, the one in the blue dress. Camargo remembered almost all of his victims, as well as the place of execution.

Men were included among the bones of his victims, but in an interview with Vistazo he made it clear that he had never raped someone of the same sex and that, on the contrary, he always had his eye on virgin women to satisfy his excessive sexual appetites. .

He confessed that his acts were committed alone and that he had no accomplices. First he performed the sexual act and then he killed them. He stressed that the opposite never happened.

Camargo did not serve his entire sentence because he was murdered by another inmate, a relative of one of his victims, in November 1994. He was buried in a common grave in the El Batán cemetery in Quito.

This was Daniel Camargo: one of the most reckless serial killers who passed through Ecuador