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With the latest tapes that Marvel Studios has released, things have been quite difficult; It’s true that the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the entertainment industry, but with Spider-Man: No Way Home – 92% showed that people are willing to go to the cinema if a film appeals to them, but, above all, that it will be the same audience who will be in charge of recommending it and making more audiences fill the theaters for several weeks.

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Unlike the Jon Watts movie, both Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – 88% like Thor: Love and Thunder – 76% lost the interest of the public very quickly despite their sales strategies or the stories themselves. The fourth God of Thunder movie had even less of an impact than expected and there was a lot of flak surrounding it for some ridiculous moments. However, if something was appreciated, it was the arrival of Christian Bale at the MCU.

During the pre-release promo for the film, Gorr the God Butcher’s look was the last to be revealed and when this happened, there were several comments of disappointment that he didn’t look exactly like he did in the comics. The original villain is a pale alien with protruding appendages on his head and no common nose. Bale’s version turned out to be a bit more human in order to avoid losing the actor’s real face beyond the makeup.

Although the interpretation of the protagonist of American Psycho is what got the best comments regarding the film, many continued to question the reason for the design change. Now it is Kevin Feige who explains the reasons for this decision when they were able to recreate the villain with motion capture as was done with Josh Brolin’s Thanos, and according to what he told TheDirectthey did not want to waste an actor of the stature of Bale with digital interventions.

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Gorr the God Butcher looks amazing in the comics. We wanted to take advantage of that. But if we had done exactly that translation, we would have lost Christian completely. So we made the decision early on that we didn’t want him to be a motion capture character. There are amazing ways to do that, but with this particular actor in this particular character, Taika really believed, quite rightly, that we could pull it off with makeup.

It must be remembered that in previous interviews Taika Waititi mentioned that in one of the first sketches of Gorr, the alien was more similar to the original and did not have a nose, however, he was concerned that it resembled Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter saga and That comparison was a major distraction. At the end of it all, with or without the original design, it is Bale who got the best comments in the film for the depth he gave to his role, something that is not out of place knowing his career.

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Gorr is, to tell the truth, a practically young character if we take into account that he was created just in 2013, when the Marvel Cinematic Universe was already in full development; his first appearance was in Thor: God of Thunder #1 and was created by Jason Aaron Y esad ribic.

Thor: Love and Thunder | Kevin Feige explains why Christian Bale’s Gorr was different from the one in the comics | tomatoes