To jail the cruel femicide who sent the photographs of the murder to relatives of his victim

While the authorities of the District in Bogotá warn that there is a frontal fight against gender violence and that “women are not alone”, three years ago Yamile Ester Brito, faced, alone, her femicide. In 2019, she ended a relationship that sentenced her to death. Her murderer, Darío Aguirre Castañeda, carried out her threat and brutally killed her.

Yamile denounced the persecution of which she was a victim once she decided to separate from who later became her murderer. Aguirre Castañeda, as a psychopath, followed her, harassed and threatened her. The victim did not have the support that now appears in District advertising and at bus stops.

The femicide summoned the victim to a house in the town of Suba, there he took her cell phone and rebuked her for some photos, she did not respond and Aguirre attacked her with a knife until she was killed. The events occurred on December 30 and minutes later the murderer wanted to turn himself in, but was released.

“On December 30, this man summoned the former sentimental partner to her place of residence, in the La Gaitana neighborhood; He checked her cell phone and claimed her after finding several photographs in which she appeared with other people. Subsequently, he would have attacked her with a sharp weapon on her face, neck and chest, causing her death, ”said the Prosecutor’s Office after completing the preliminary hearings.

The murderer not only complied with the threats that were recorded in various complaints from the victim. With his cell phone, he took some photographs of the crime scene and he sent them to Yamile’s relatives as proof of the murder, the images showed the body of the recently murdered woman, whose sin was ending a sentimental relationship riddled with acts of violence.

“The victim’s relatives indicated that hours after the murder, the aforementioned aggressor sent them photographs of the crime scene to their mobile phones, which gave an account of his authorship”warned the accusing body at the hearing for the imputation of charges.

With the probative material collected by the investigators and the femicide’s own confession, the Prosecutor’s Office completed the imputation of charges and a guarantee control judge asked the If Aguirre accepted not the crimes that summed up the macabre scene in which he was the protagonist, the man, now a murderer, agreed to be responsible for the crime.

“After assessing the probative material presented by the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, a guarantee control judge imposed a measure of custodial confinement in a prison on Darío Aguirre Castañeda, who would be responsible for murdering his ex-sentimental partner in a property in the town of Suba, in the northwest of Bogotá,” said the accusing body.

All the probative material, in addition to the acceptance of charges, was enough for the judge to understand the seriousness of the facts and immediately ordered the confinement in a prison against the femicide. The judge also made clear warnings of the cruelty and cynicism that surrounded this crime.

“Additionally, it was learned that Aguirre Castañeda mistreated his ex-partner on several occasions and made scandals at work, since she ended the relationship in 2019. For these events, a prosecutor from the Bogotá Section charged him with the crimes of femicide and abusive computer access,” said the Prosecutor’s Office.

To jail the cruel femicide who sent the photographs of the murder to relatives of his victim